Veteran killed on roads after rehab

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Plant-Pilot, May 4, 2010.

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  1. I don't know if this has been on here before but couldn't find it with a search.

    Sad story of surviving one environment and losing your life in another one. One that should have been mundane and reasonably 'safe'. Story from Sky News.

    Link to Sky News story
  2. I have heard quite a few stories on the same lines as this one.
    Its if veterans aren't supposed to die in this sort of way...... It sure makes you wonder how cruel and unjust life can be for some people in this world!!
  3. A friend of mine works at Boscombe Down. He tells me that this is the fourth or so case in the same place in a not very long period. The key issue being that it's a short cut from Amesbury to Bulford, taking about a mile or more off the walk home from the pub, presumably the nearest one being down beyond Solstice Services. Makes one wonder what's more important - lives or footbridges across busy roads.

    RIP - I hope a solution to the issue.
  4. Footbridges cost money... what are a few more dead to this lot?
  5. having survived a 107 up my arrse ala Basra palace. I got home 4 days later, fell off my camper van and fecked myself up for three and a half years

    Sh!tty bad karma catches you up. The LECs did suggest I sacrificed a sheep to my sky pixie for my insanely lucky escape, I foolishly turned my nose up at the idea

    back on topic, I'm sure there are stats showing a worrying pattern of POTL blokes buying bikes with the proceeds of their 6 month pussers enforced savings scheme and creaming in