Veteran is Scootered off Plymouth Bus Route

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tremaine, Aug 22, 2009.

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  1. Bit of mischief to wile away a duty Saturday evening. Might get legs, might not. Local pensioner barred from Buses as he uses a three wheel scooter.....Prams and Pushchairs are okay though, just that if you want to use an EPV, it needs a risk assessment, First. :?

    'Company policy' refused him permission to travel'.

    "A WORLD War Two veteran with a serious lung disease says a bus firm has been leaving him stranded by refusing to let him board on a mobility scooter.
    Former Royal Navy stoker Derek Brown, aged 80, is also visually impaired and has relied on buses to take him to the Royal Eye Infirmary in Mutley from his home in Torpoint." Plymouth Story
  2. Seems a bit off in that he has been using the bus service with his scooter for the last three months.

    Has it been a problem though?

    Perhaps he been scooting up and down the aisle on it incommoding the other passengers?

    Did he try and scoot past the driver without flashing his bus pass?

    Was he pulling wheelies to impress Mabel and Dorothy?

    Health & Safety gone mad I tell you.
  3. surely if he's got a scooter he can drive himself across Guzz. Fecking grizzling matelots
  4. Quick get the keys and work ticket for the outrage bus.

    Scooter!!! no you can't come on.

    Park the bus up again.
  5. On a serious note; Its it possible for the RBL or another service charity (or arrser) give Derek a lift to the hospital when required to advoid him the hassel of relying on public transport?
  6. There are numerous projects in Guzz that might help in that respect. TRBL are good friends and helpers to a lot of people, but looking to the statutory and voluntary solutions first, should be good avice.

    Mind you, he does seem to have a point. The Bus company could have done better with this.
  7. I absolutely ended myself at the image of that..

    on a more serious note, it's ridiculous that he has been banned from using the bus.
  8. My bold, the dirty skate should be banned just for doing "incommoding" whilst on public transport. Let alone doing it to other passengers. :twisted:
  9. I haven't come across anywhere yet that doesn't have a community driver scheme for just this situation. Is this guy not being advised right? Why hasn't he, or a representative, talked to the bus company to do the risk assessment and get it sorted so that he can use the buses?
  10. Too many of these Blakey type blokes. Probably.
  11. Nice one

    "I 'ate you Butler" :wink:
  12. It's not hard, the bus coy gets a grip and does the risk assesment and, you know, provides a fcuking service.

    There shouldn't have to be special transport laid on if the old boy is happy to get a bus.

    I dispair at this country, I fcuking do.