Veteran Benefits


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Out of interest who manages veteran benefits, medical and pensions in the uK?
Veterans UK (formerly SPVA) manage pensions and compensation. NHS does medical (some specialist charity support also). Benefits is too nebulous a term, please be more specific.


Sadly, in Australia the government changed the Veteran Entitlement Act (VEA) to save money. Those who enlisted prior to 1996 come under the VEA. As example, as a Totally and Permanently Incapacity receive free medical and most dental coverage, I receive $1,800 a fortnight tax free. It also covers orphaned children and when the veteran dies his benefits and a reduced pension change over the wife/husband

Those who come under the new Military Rehabilitation Compensation Act (2004) do not receive the same benefits. The pension is more than half of that of a TPI pension and does not cover wife/husband and children.

In both cases, the veteran has to prove his service/disability and can be knocked back by the public servants who manage the systems. Some veterans have been known to suicide after being knocked back, unaware they can appeal. Matt one of my soldiers was one of them. Australia had 42 soldiers killed in Afghanistan with over 400 suicides since.

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