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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by exile1, Jan 2, 2010.

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  1. Whilst nearly all of us have an opinion on most threads, I have long thought that the movers and shakers of our lives [labour party, NHS, Civil Service, The Educational Establishment etc.,] have appointed someone to put their 'correct' point of view and talk down anti-establishment views on this influential and august website and others [lesser] like it. A clever wordsmith [stand fast Sven/Whet and Co] can appear sympathetic to situations on topics relating to their profession or interest but always as a last resort defend their masters corner. No names no packdrill but certain posters spring to mind.
    Or am I talking through my tin-foil hat.
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

  3. I think he means is there a Labour Party plant in here?
  4. Go and see the doctor.
  5. I agree, and no, you are not being paranoid.

    You will have spotted the one on the current thread dealing with educational issues! :wink:

    A bad argument is a bad argument no matter how articulately enunciated.

    There are numerous examples on this forum where those who have attempted to defend the indefensible have been torn to pieces - ask Sven! It very rarely turns nasty.

    It would be a very dull forum without such people. :D
  6. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    So I'm an establishment plant? You must be fucking joking?
  7. It's strange how unless you are rabidly right wing you are somehow a Labour Party plant. I suspect however that many on here aren't as pro Conservative as the threads would suggest they just dont wish to upset the applecart.
    However the vocal minority rule.
  8. Cpunk is an establishment plant? hahahahhahahahahhahahahhahaaa oh my ribs.. :D

    However, one of the very last people I'd ever accuse of being a tin-hatter is Exile1 , so obviously something has caused him to put virtual pen to paper as it were.
  9. The problem is that if such people existed they would, even if they worked full time, have to exist in large numbers, particularly as the 'establishment' isn't one entity, and someone would have squealed to the papers by now - a £50k cheque from the Daily Mail will loosen a great many tongues. I think the real problem is that a vocal few here on arrse can't get their egos around the fact that other may hold opinions that genuinly differ from theirs, and so have to rationalize the existence of such opinions by claiming those expressing them are on the take. That, and of course the fact that when people are losing an argument, a good last resort is to accuse someone of being someone else's stooge, as it can never be proved or disproved, and if you throw enough shite it will stick.

    As an aside though, this isn't to say such things don't happen. Read any article that comments on China in on the Guardian's 'Comment is Free' website, and you will see some very obvious Chinese government propaganda in the comments section. See also here:
  10. Sounds like Damien McBride keeping his 'hand in'
  11. No
  12. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Where dat fifth column?
  13. I'm a Wu Mao and so's my wife!

    Actually, given the inflexibly dogmatic approach regularly demonstrated by the right wing on ARRSE, the idea that they can't have their equal and opposite represented by the left wing and therefore it must be ALL A PLOT!!! is faintly ridiculous.

    Perhaps in a forces community there's just less exposure to dissenters and particularly those from a leftward standpoint. The dogmatic right will be less obvious because of its prevalence whereas the dogmetic left stands out for its rarity. Water doesn't seem out of place to a fish, after all.
  14. Some interesting perceptions on the subject. On reflection, perhaps I worded it wrong. Life would be boring in the extreme if we all held the same opinions on every subject but some have blind faith with very little original reasoning behind their views. Others will obfuscate and deliberately deflect debate by going way off thread. I don't often contribute lengthy missives but suppose we all use our input with a personal slant on things. Not complaining because it contributes to what is IMHO the best site of its genre.
    This is not really current affairs so perhaps should be binned or moved.