Vespa wanted (Germany)

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by slopey_shoulders, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. Anyone out there who has a Vespa for sale? Prefer up to 125 and it works! BFGd if possible.
  2. A classic or a plastic peice of crap they shoot out now a days?
  3. Go for the classic and look at the German market, the TUV is of a higher standard then the BfG.... should fly through and you won't pay extortionate prices!
  4. classic 100% .hopefuly something that hasnt been f ucked about with! i wondered if there were any main german dealers, as i have looked on ebay uk and they are pricey. i had a vespa 100 as a teen and i just fancied getting hold of one again. not too mention i "found" a 1955 green army parka! yes it is original and it fits! that is if its not buttoned up.
  5. German Ebay

    Theres loads going on the german ebay. Quite cheap too.
  6. There is a scooter center down by Koln that I bought my ex wife a 1967 Primavera in BRG. If you google scooter center or variations, you'll get there.
  7. Pick up a copy of scootering a few German dealers listed on there or you can try the Armed forces scooter club quite a few lads are based in Germany and should be able to sort you out drop me a PM ifyou want some advice :D