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Vespa wanted (Germany)

Go for the classic and look at the German market, the TUV is of a higher standard then the BfG.... should fly through and you won't pay extortionate prices!
classic 100% .hopefuly something that hasnt been f ucked about with! i wondered if there were any main german dealers, as i have looked on ebay uk and they are pricey. i had a vespa 100 as a teen and i just fancied getting hold of one again. not too mention i "found" a 1955 green army parka! yes it is original and it fits! that is if its not buttoned up.
There is a scooter center down by Koln that I bought my ex wife a 1967 Primavera in BRG. If you google scooter center or variations, you'll get there.

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