VESPA-LAMMY Scooterboys.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by charliecharlieone, Oct 14, 2005.

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  1. Here we go, having a beer listening to some ole Northern soul and Ska and King Kurt tunes.........And im thinking 8)

    "i wonder if and how many ARRSErs went down the Scooter route and if any are still zipping around on the old faithfull feck it wont start scoot"

    Would be intresting to see who still attends the rallies and if we can carry on an ARRSE theme at the rallies?!?! :?:


    Dozy back me up!!!!!
  2. There's a time and a place for scooters.

    The skip, now.
  3. Ah ah the old boys network....Biscuits AB and Cornelius,

    Bless your cotten socks, oh look how many ARRSE medals you have.....................wooooo impressive! 8O

    Im just starting out in the world of ARRSE and have to say what a cracking place this is, even though its got its own bully boys by :roll:

    Any way back to what i was posting before being rudley intrerupted by old school!!! any Scooter boys/girls out there???
  4. err cornelius has been on arrse since august he is not classed as an "old boy" :wink: and just out of interest(not) have you actually known many squaddies with a scooter? why not try a scooter fan site might be more apt?
  5. Thank you cyber soldier Canteen cowboy!!!!!! and yes i know lots of boys and girls in the scooter race......................
  6. Scrots - a pox on you sir and wash your mouth out with soap - italian poofs machinery - real bikes were beezers, trumpets and tritons and ridden by real men with grease under their fingernails
  7. I'm an ex scooterboy, I used to have a Lammy TV (GT) 200. I went to Wigan Casino etc when I was a lad and danced the night away to the floor shakers of the day, I still listen to Northern Soul on me Ipod and swan dive when no-ones looking.

    But I joined the army in '78 and my brother wrecked my Lammy when I was in the Falklands. Bummer.
  8. I started off in August 1982 with a Vespa 50 Special. Cost me £180 (BIG money back then). I sold it on when I was 17 for another £180 and bought a Vespa P150 scooter and a P200E engine. Engine was rebored out to 225, 28mm dellorto carb and expansion chamber fitted. Gave a reasonable 65 on the roads. Passed my test at 17 and on my 18th I purchased a full 225-conversation kit that gave a top speed of around 80, but cruised just nice at a steady 70, just right for the motorways.

    I was first a member of Pegasus SC (for around a year), then Manchester Aces SC. Rode with Stockport Crusaders and drank with the Salford Knights SC.

    First rally was Blackpool in October 1982. For four years I traveled all over the UK attending rallies. Best (and last rally) was Yarmouth Easter 1986, worst was Southport 1983 (me slapped silly by a copper and my mate arrested).

    I learnt how to strip and assemble both makes of scooter (godsend when a cruciform starts going) and so made some money servicing and repairing mate’s scooters.

    Made some excellent friends from around Britain, saw some excellent Motown acts (Mary Wells – My Guy and Edwin Star - War!). Every weekend there was ‘do’ on so I can say that my late teens from 1982 to 1986 really were an exceptional time social wise.

    Joined up in July 86 and sold the scooter. That was the end of my scootering period for 17 years. In the forces I used to lend my mates motorcycles (Kawasaki GP750 and a Honda something or other 1000cc) for rides out with the Mrs, rented a Harley on leave from NI (and spent an incredible week touring Scootland) and rode the mil standard Bombardier motorcycle whilst serving.

    Over the last two years I’ve bought two scooters, an Indian Lammy GP200 (sold on, cracked frame, cost me over 750!) and a Vespa 210 Malossi Conversation (£1300). Superb machine! Resold early this year as I’m moving house, but I have my eye on two models for next year. An Italian Lambretta GP200 and (soz) a Harley Davidson!
  9. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I would rather be seen hanging out of the back of Lord Flasheart than ride one of those infernal Italian handbag thief's things.
  10. Nice moped.
  11. Lessee... Done the 50 special/v100/primavera moddy thing.
    Then went through a series of purchchace that nobody else would buy but which I loved. P125ETS - buck ugly, "sports" oriented PK variant with the headset widened to take PX instruments. Had a reverse 135 on that... quite a nice little mover it was, but a little small for one of my ample dimensions. Next was an "Italianised" Servetta, Autisa barrel taken out to 205, Honda piston, nice little road tune, Vespa 'leccies and hydraulic disc on the front, loved it but got pissed off with "spaniard" comments. Did various things with PXs of all sizes for a year or two before binning a bog standard P200E with a moderately nice Rover Cadbury/Silk Cut paint job (paint in excess of £200 for a touch up tin - I didn't pay) into a taxi. Amongst other injuries I smashed my right fib and tib very badly. Touch and go whether I lost the leg at the knee for a while. Was back on the road (on the now not so natty looking bike) within a week or two.
    Then managed to break the right ankle coming out of a pub, Doctor gave me a gypsies regarding doing anything particularly dangerous to my lower legs, I've still got the pins in there and if anything happens to them there's no option but amputation. A while after that I was on a run and had a near miss at a blind crossroads (famous for killing people). The run venue was only a couple of miles away and by the time I got there I was in bits. Managed to ride home after, just. Sold the bike about a week later. Kept my rider policy on for a couple of years but never got my bottle back properly. Have been on the (very) odd blat about since on all types of bike but can't see myself ever owning one again. Too attatched to being able to walk.
  12. met Edwin Starr at a Morcambe Rally and actually shook his hand , it was his last rally year as he died shortly afterward. good performer and very professional, top guy.