Vespa / Lambretta Wanted

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by slopey_shoulders, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. Vespa / Lambretta wanted prefer an older model which runs! North East of UK.
  2. S_S
    I may know of a few scoots for sale in that area.

    PM me with your wants list if you are still looking.

  3. Slopes, what sort of money are you looking at. I know of a 1962 Vespa VBB1T that might be for sale.
  4. I suspect my old Vespa 150 Sportique is long dead. Wouldn't touch a Lambretta - a woman's scooter.

  5. Oi!! :pissedoff:
  6. Bollox... pushing a GP200 up the road everyday gave me big muscles, fast! A Sportique is a bird's scoot... (but admittedly not quite as gay as a vega)
  7. looking at about £1,500. However for that amount the scooter would have to be in V good nick.
  8. Have you tried:


    I know a bloke in Boro who was selling an indian GP 150 not too long ago, will ask if it's still available.

    You aren't gonna get an awful lot for £1500 at the moment unless you buy a coop, and every boby knows that they're gay :highfive:
  9. I would still rather push a mat black Vespa up the road than be seen riding a lambretta but apart from that keep the faith
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