VE's: what you gonna do????

I'm a VE of 8 yrs, and am now in Arborfield moving over to the 'dark side of the corps' and re-trading to tech.

There are a few more like me here re-trading, but I was wondering what other routes other VE's are taking?

Are any of you actually going to be VM's?

Or are you re-badging / getting out?
I'm going over to the darker side - R Sigs as an Information Systems Engineer Cl 1 - All networking and Microsoft experience, spot of Resettlement and contacts made. Not the best Corps as we all know but a cracking Job an faster promotion.
I'd hang around for a bit fellas, the Corps tried doing away with VEs back in the 60s/70s. Managed for a few years then they were needed again.

Who says we constantly reinvent the wheel ? :) :roll:
Got your VE skills for civvy street, can't get much better than the IT skills hinted at by ApissedoffVE. With Bowman there will be some good skills to be had for civvy street.
Why are there VE's being left to mark time till their 22 is up if they are not needed why not offer redundency, I reckon 60% of you reading this would take it.
Another interesting point is the fact that REME TA are keeping VEs.

Apparently they can't afford to retrain them and there is a civvy equivalent trade so they'll be useful - work that one out :roll:
Cant believe PissedoffVE is still moaning. I was always carrying him and his frog eyed SUSAT still comes back and haunts me after i left the spark role and went ARMR! Ha ha hope you're well mate!
Just do anything to get on guys your love of what was a good job will not bring in a better pension in years to come. Even after a full career its still 20+ years on civvy street 'til you retire. Better leaving as a low band AGC clerk at WO1 than a high band VE SGT (poss SSGT).Seeing out your years in a high band job for ten years and getting a SGT pension or low band it upto WO1 in the RLC AGC whatever and reap that pension afterwards?
I know where id rather be! (This is of course just shite advice from someone who hasnt done that either ha ha)
In response to MarcoExtrastrongpolos latest tirade - just look below his name, His job description is there !!

Marco, you were a crow when you joined, when you failed PAAB, when you passed PAAB and now again in your new trade, point of order by the way, you never actually managed to fix the frog eyed Susat !!!!!!!

Come to the Darker side - already been on my first Battle Camp har de har har !!

If I don't get promoted this year in Sigs I'm coming back to the Black handers to haunt you lot and show you how to do electrics properly.

VE's - never been the same since me and Marco left but guys, get out. REME is shafting you big style even more than they have been !, find a nice job in a different Corps that'll qualify you for another job in Civvy St - even join the Pioneers, you'll probably end up running 23 Pnr Regt !!

Marco - Divsaam next year ? - my Susat is still knackered

It always amazed me how popular VE's became at the start of a Bn Exercise !!
As Nige said wait out,I was one of those rushed through in early seventies & those who managed to stay in trade got good promotion.
Better still get out & get paid for what you do.
Dry your eyes, bite the bullet and crack on. Alternatives - hand in your ID card and bedding, make space for someone who wants to further their own career and development. An archer has several arrows for his bow.
REME - Could this be Royal Electronic and Mechanical Engineers - save a packet in changing all those cap badges an stuff. we could nick the aussies RAEME badges and become Royal (Armament,Aeronautical - undecided),Electronic and Mechanical Engineers. swivO your right in everything you say why bother bleating anymore, like it makes a difference ! Just go ahead and hand in your 1157 you trumpet.
To Redshadow, don't you go on if you haven't got anything good to say about the REME or the very few VE's that are left then don't say anything at all. :evil:
OK to all the fellow VE's left in our corps, good luck in all those misemployment posts that you are about to receive, may your knowledge of other things non electrical be ever expanding, and may the kagools you encounter along the way be aware of the great power you harness for we will return vice DEME(A) removing the lighting from our badge.

I appreciate you are no SME kagool so shut your Arrse. :!: .... oh an go and get a NATO Tea for me boy, or you'll get AGAI'd to death. :p
We need you guys. You might all be miserable twats but i'm pissed off with being taken from my "trade" and getting dicked to change lightbulbs for some muppetier in the desert. SAVE THE VE! :cry:
On the conversion course at the mo. Didn't realise that Vm's had it so easy. The course is so easy, I can't believe that people actually fail it. This place teaches the exam to you and then revises all the exam questions, no wonder the standards are dropping. If you look at the result boards around the sections (wings) scores of 50%-60% seem the norm. All I can say to thoughs coming through on their conversion is to get through it as 2 Ex-VE's have already got to units and been employed as, guess what, sparky's. Someone has made a mistake and give it a few years and the wheel will be invented again. :evil:
Forgot to say in my last comment that we're only getting employed at unit as VM's but our CEQ will be staying VE from the looks of it. Great, doing 2 jobs for the price of one. Guess we just become statistics and fill the numbers for certain peoples graphs. As for those Vm's that have been force to change a light bulb or fuse then I wish you luck as don't forget "your all trained to class 2 ve on your easy as hell class one course"
Wait a minute, how come REME tradesmen are changing lightbulbs and fuses? Read the 201 for pretty much any kit and you'll find it's a driver's job (certainly on TUM). Tell the crew to DIY.

As for VE keeping the old CEQ, I doubt it very much. Once you're trained as Vermin, you'll be employed as one (Yeah, you may be employed by your ASM as a VE but you will be seen by MCM as a VM).
Mate just coz it's on a posting order doesn't make it true, it's probably the clerk not amending the database :)

(No offence though Karen - I know you'd have it sussed;) )
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