VEs back?

There's a rumour flying round my Bn that the VE trade will be returning this September. Can anyone shed light on this? The fact that the class 1 VM course that starts in June is almost all re-traded VE's may have something to do with it.
Gen-up, I've got two eccys in my platoon and both of them told me as if it was common knowledge. I've got no reason to believe its not true.
I've just been talking to mate who's a clown and he was talking to his mate who's a joker and he was talking to his mate who is a card and he was reliably informed by some REME punter bloke in the Union Jack Club, that, and he quotes " The Vehicle Electrician trade will NOT come back into the REME roll, just the same way as we didn't bring back A and B mechs or take Tradesman off the shop floor to become RS and we will definitely not stream Techs back into Radar/Inst/Tele.. etc. True that it is, from some old bloke - Wiliam, williams...something like that. Got all shirty when told some bloke called Des and his cousin Destwo was a nkob(must be mates?). Respect to him though, said he was going to to give some civvy - Titlow, a good shoeing for selling him a pup.

Any way who needs Electricians, we can use Techs can't we?

Father forgive my Corps, for it knows not, what it does!
Wedge_not_Sapper said:
Any way who needs Electricians, we can use Techs can't we?
ah yes in most units but RLC units and some others where techs dont get posted your on your own, so best learn to VE.
VM's on their cl 1 course get more in the way of electrics training than techs do. We learn used to learn the basics on a "ferrari" witch was made up of mk5 Cortina bits. The baby techs now get next to jack. I had to tell a second tour LCpl (2nd tour Lance jack tech. Nuff said) how to bump start a Rover.

Then he asked where the master switch was.

I told him to look in the AESP :p
See, now I'm just confussed, VE's coming BACK?........ our's hasn't left yet!!!!
think this is right if a ve is a stripey or done 12 or more years he dont have to retrade
Chuzu said:
Wedge_not_Sapper said:
Any way who needs Electricians, we can use Techs can't we?
ah yes in most units but RLC units and some others where techs dont get posted your on your own, so best learn to VE.
Could not agree more with you Chuzo and as a VM, I did learn VE but unlike some, I actually practised the black art and remained quite current, even after my Class 1(even if I do say so myself ):wink:

RLC..RLC.. what the Funk have they got... basics, gentleman, basics :D
At our unit (REME Battalion) we've got one VE (at his 20 yr point) and two VE re-trades (VMB's) and I must say they are considered Bn assets. Maybe thats because Vm's get lazy when they have a VE at hand or maybe it's because there still is a genuine need for them. I deffo have no doubt and believe the latter. Why can't the upper echelons see this? I don't know about the rest of you but my fingers are firmly crossed and my eyes shut tightly hoping that these rumours are true. I fcuking hate electrics coz it smarts like frig when you get it wrong.
Seconded 990, plus I'm getting bored now with showing the youngsters how the stuff works, but, thats what I get for listening on my courses and then actually keeping my hand in at it.

Still theres always biscuits...............
Devilishdave said:

That pun was criminal :lol

Dave, if I dissagreed in any way shape or form with that comment I would say "Ohm my god" and would have no Resistance to the said beasting I deserve. It is a Sine of the times that youg un's, Cos off their education, are not Winding their way through lifes Transformation. But then again we REME soldiers have never been known to go off at a Tangent.

Fcuking off now and getting rather large coat :D

Five funckin posts in a row and still can't do it right first time. Will let 2 yr old daughter proof read from now on :!:
Wedge I loved the Titlow pun.....can't think who you are on about though!!
Somehow I suspect the Corps masters don't actually either listen or give a rats arse what happens to our Corps......remember when we were formed from the RASC and were large Bn size units sending IST type teams out to fix kit then formed LADs cos apparently that was better......hmm rebalancing appears to be a lot like re-inventing the wheel to me? But thats just a personal opinion of course.
Ok, the RS role was all lopsided rank wise but was the answer really to get rid of it?? Also I reckon even the newest crafty could see a need for VEs and I won't even go on about armourers.....alright I come the armourer and gunfitter trades were reasonably manned but now they have been tampered with they're a pinch point trade??
DEME(A).....stop ******* with our Corps will yer as it aint (wasn't) broke.....sorry, I will get down from my soap box!! lol
Any views anyone?
Arte et Marte
We don't need VE's, what we need is students on their class 3 and class 1 courses to accept the fact that they will have to think a little harder when dealing with electrical systems and that they will not get away with just lump changingin order to fix a fault. Most of the younger tradesmen at my unit enjoy the challenge of electrical fault finding and once their confidence is raised prove to be just as competent at producing the goods.

Times are a changing and the the corp needs to change with them!
Sabatouer, if only some of the old and bold VM's will accept that as engineers they need to move with the times. No longer are engines purley mechanical objects they use electrics and even electronics. As some of the yougsters embrace these extra tools in their toolboxes those die hard VMs need to except times are changing and so should their attitudes.
Inst Tech, (I'll let you get get away with thinking they rule for now). The old 'n' bold VM's won't ever change and why should they? What we as a corps need to do is ensure that the younger guys and galls get given the oportunity and chance to build their skill levels up. So all the old VE out there, get actively training our young vms and stop doing the task just because you think it'll get done quicker, they have to learn!

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