Very worried..

Okay, my story:

I've been having some leg problems for a while now that have gradually gotten worse. I've took time out from training on the docs advice for 6 weeks and had a couple of tests done but nothings come up and now I'm back in training it's come back again. Yesterday I went to see a sports injury specialist and another doctor and they basically said that it looked to be Compartment Syndrome.

I've been told I had the symptoms for it a while ago after a chat with NHS direct but now I've been put in for a scan to confirm it. I'm gutted because I don't know what to do next - if I have it, and it seems to be the only possibility at the moment, then it means an operation and I'm worried that it won't just be the recovery time I have to worry about but if the Army say that I then can't join for X amount of years.

On top of that I'm now on the hospital waiting list to have a scan done so that's taken another chunk of time out and my hope of doing the Main Board in November is looking further and further away.....

Any thoughts or words of wisdom welcome.
That is a bit of a bummer. However at least you have found out at this point and can do something about it from here on. Rather that than a possible fail at Main Board, a pass at Main Board and not being able to start the CC or going into Lucknow platoon asap after starting the CC.

If your still relatively young and you have your heart set on a career as an army officer then there is no rush. It gives you more time to prepare for the mental/academic stuff at Main Board.

I hope it is not too serious and you can get back on track asap. I agree with the point you raised later on that the Army do expect a huge amount of time from you before you even join. What with interviews, fam visits, briefing, main board, pccbc, etc. not to mention all the sports and AT you are expected to do, it is rather hard to maintain any job at all.
Well I went for a second opinion (well it'll be 5th now really) and they've said try strong anti-inflammatory's and see if they make a difference. I have everything crossed that they work! Otherwise I'm going to wait it out and see what the scan says.

Spoke to the ACO yesterday and they've said to stop panicking until anything is confirmed so I'm going to chill out about it, do everything aside from running and see how we go.

I'll get there though - one way or another!! :)
Terry John!!!

These things do happen, I'd had an arthroscopy and some serious cartilage work done on my knee and I was very close to missing out on AOSB I had my heart set on, turns out the day of my medical on AOSB was bang on a year after said surgery and the minimum time I'd had to wait before enlistment, luck sometimes sways in your favour and I hope it does for you Whomps, all I can say is keep thinking of that ultimate goal, even in the dark times of hospitals, surgeries and leg braces, keep going and it'll be worth it in the end if you stay focused.
Honestly I would not panic, you are either injured or you are not. There is no point worrying about it. If you rush your recovery you will just injure yourself again, or you simply wont make it through the first term of RMAS.

I have been in a very similar situation with a mixture of shin splints and tendinitis, and have ended up delaying my entry into RMAS by a year after a small incident at a BMF course in which I basically had to hop home.

My advice would be to get a number of physio's opinions as to exactly what the problem is, as they all work in different ways and have different approaches. I would strongly advise going private for as much as you can, they work on a much quicker time frame. I managed to be fitted with orthotics and get in over 15 hours of physio within the first month of my injury, much quicker than an NHS line.

All in all, its going to take as long as its going to take to heal, I was told I would not be back to running for at least 4-5 months I was back doing sprints in 3, its not the end of the world just do EXACTLY what you are told to do, not matter how silly or stupid the exercise, and if physio gives you an exercise that needs a piece of equipment go buy it! And finally you should probably switch to swimming as your main cardio exercise, zero impact on the old legs!

Good luck, keep positive, and dont panic if you have your heart set on RMAS you will get there eventually.

*edit*One thing I will add, when it comes to leg injuries like this where you cannot see the injury, make sure you do not let people get to you, the amount of times people told me to "just walk it off" or "why arnt you running?" while I was in absolute agony was very unhelpful, but if you have not experienced it then I can understand how people could think your making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Chin up, I personally think there is a little psychological damage that comes with these kinds of injuries when you feel a little helpless and stressed with tests and boards looming, just try to stay focused and work on something different, I turned my handwriting from illegible scribble into legible scribble with my month not walking. Always something you can improve while you are down.

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