Very strange story from R..Zimbabwe

Rather strange.

Being used for Juju (as per the news reports)?

Can anyone who has been to this country throw some light?
There was a spate of similar activities in the east a couple of years ago, anything related to a virgin girl. Anything like this usually results in someone being chopped up. It rarely stays peaceful.
Fucks sake, blokes in Zim must be a bunch of benders. I would willingly spurt out my sperm for them if they wanted it, just as long as I got a shag out of it.
I saw this when it was raised a few months ago. "Please use public transport" they say - bugger that, I'll be walking down the road with a bottle of beer in my hand and trousers round my ankles.
I wonder how desperate for sperm they are? They say that they force men to have sex over and over again, well, maybe after the first go, they may do a few "Special things" (this is current affairs, not the NAAFI) with each other to help you get back in the mood.

God that would be fun times for all!

Anyway, I personally feel that their 'uman rights won't be looked after in their own country and so under the UN they should seek asylum in the UK. Just South of Manchester, next door to me will nicely.

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