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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by bobos, Dec 23, 2011.

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  1. Hi experts, can anyone help me. My laptop is running slower and slower. It takes nearly 4 minutes to load Vista. I have used Advanced windows care to get rid of as much as I can out of the startup menu and also SOLUTO to get rid of un-necessary files to load, or delay some of them. I use Windows Defender.
    The amount of disk activity seems to be enormous. It is becoming a pain as I am trying to do some work on it (for a uni course) and it just takes ages to load the machine and then access the web etc.
    The OC domestic is getting similar probs on her machine although she uses W7, with it taking ages to switch from her mail page to tinternet and back.
    I would appreciate any advice to help.
  2. Are you sure you dont have viruses or malware running?

    You could try CCleaner: CCleaner - Optimization and Cleaning - Free Download

    Also defrag your drive: Start; local disk right click; properties; tools; defrag (can take ages).

    Failing that, back up your drive(s) and do a factory reset then reinstall your data.
  3. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Virus - run malaware bytes and everything else you can think of - do you have a teenager handy who could give expert advice for a small fee?
  4. HI again, already tried CCleaner and malaware and apart from a few errors, no difference to the running of the PC. I have throroughly tested it for viruses.

    Any other thoughts ??
  5. Back up your drive(s) and do a factory reset then reinstall your data.
  6. Ditch Vista it runs in treacle!, it is without doubt the worst operating system ever offered for sale.
  7. First thing to do is to bin Vista. If you are unwilling to do that, do a scan of your hard drive for errors. If you have physical errors it will cause slowness.

    If everything is fine with your hard drive, click on Start and then Run and type in msconfig and press enter. The click on the startup tab and untick anything that you do not need running (particularly if it is blank). Then click on Ok, reboot the **** and see how it runs.

    There are a lot of things that can slow your puter down and a lot of things that you can do to sort it out......reinstalling should be the last thing you do, but probably something that should be done every couple of years.
  8. Get hold of a copy of Win 7/upgrade to Win 7. Save what you need to keep from your laptop. Change booting up order in BIOS to show your dvd drive booting first. Do an upgrade to Win 7, when you load OS disc it will boot up and follow simple instructions. Tick Custom load when prompted, tick box to format your drive(s) and it will clean off all your crap and give you a Win7 OS. Updates to OS will then need to be loaded but well worth it for a good clean up and a much better OS.
  9. I had the same prob a while back, I just downloaded twice as quick now
  10. AVG PC Tune Up is pretty good as well & allows a one time free use to clean your system up. I'm a fan of CCleaner, SuperAntiSpyware & MalwareBytes Anti-Malware software, as well as using either Chrome or Firefox as your main browser.
  11. Also use CCLeaner to limit the number of programmes that run on start up.
  12. Why use third party poop when you can simply type in msconfig and do it in that?
  13. Because he will have already downloaded CCleaner IAW EodMatt's advice and it's easy?
  14. Fair one
  15. running msconfig is good but can be intimidating when you dont knowwhat anything is, reading Paul Collins Application startup list, lets you know what has to run, AGCbukake.exe for instance?