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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by newlynpirate, Nov 3, 2007.

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  1. Have you ever constructed a system of pipes and tubes and piised up your own arsse? If not, why no?

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  2. Aren't you that felcher that was very vociferous against "Mess Life"?

    Therefore you yourself have probably tried your suggestion in the comfort of your own abode, no?

    No disrepect to techs but given another one of his comments on another thread, he is probably one of yours.

    Suggest he is subjected to the "Plumb" line of re-education.
  3. And your tagged OXYGEN THEIF for why?????

    Re your point. People are able to voice their own opinion. We were granted that privilage by many thousands that gave the greatest sacrifice....Very topical at this time of the year wot.
    ps...yes I know spelling spellin spelling..
  4. ps .Ox Theif...Look at the photo....Think of it as a miror.
  5. He's got a point crow. Hand your tapes in.
  6. Yes your spelling isn't becoming of a SNCO but that would be pedantic.

    But of course I am labelled an "Oxygen Thief", I dared to slate the so-called "guardians" of our forum, how dare I eh?

    What a ruffian I am. Not worry, there is a life beyond http.
  7. I feel an Alliance...
  8. in fact, cancell my last..Bollocks.
  9. I have a feeling that the only alliance you will form is between you and your winkie.

    However, I will put our issues aside and wish you well. Remember, we are very lucky people to be members of our respective establishments, you would do well to remember that.

    By the way, do you know callsign "Plumb"?
  10. Plumb? No Sir, I dont Sir.
  11. Guess what Ox THEIF.....As you label directs, im not going to reply now.Bye now....
  12. No, I didn't think you would know him as he would have swiftly re-adjusted your attitude towards your position in not only the Mess, but to Regimental life in general.

    Toodle pip old (sic) boy.
  13. Heretic
  14. I Hereby Nominate this Thread for the ARRSE hole.

    All in favour, say I.
  15. why were you in at 23:15 on a saturday starting threads gobbin off. you must be some kind of legend