VERY senior Officer jumping to ( wrong ) conclusion...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo_Bravo, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. At a recent parade we had a particulary highly-ranked Officer join us.

    On inspecting the troops, he asked one of the Riflemen how long he'd been in.

    "10 years, Sir"
    "10 years and still a Rifleman? That doesn't show much commitment..."

    A little background might have helped Sir...

    Couple of years ago the Rifleman in question was sent to Crown Court on a murder trial. That in itself would have been grounds for many people to hand their kit in.

    On being found not guilty, he deployed on one of the early TELICs. During that tour, he was in a vehicle travelling behind a Landrover which ran over a landmine; the explosion bent the chassis of the vehicle which was now burning; drivers foot was shredded, and as the chassis was bent the doors would not open.

    The assumption was that an ambush was about to be sprung and there would be further mines. Despite this, the Rifleman left his vehicle and basically ripped the door off its hinges ( he is quite big .. ) rescuing the pax.

    He still parades whenever he can ( working weekends interferes ) and I for one would like more people with this lack of commitment.

    He made no mention of this to Sir.
  2. Is it you?
  3. I hope Sir is reading this.
  4. Oh, so do I.
  5. Why didnt this riflemans CO or OC have the balls to tell the very senior sir to wind his neck in and explain what the situation was for the rifleman?
  6. Why didnt this riflemans CO or OC have the balls to tell the very senior sir to wind his neck in and explain what the situation was for the rifleman?
  7. I met a 20 year Trp in one of the fractional regts, he was still running around doing sect atts and very happy. Why is it assumed the all soldiers must be thrusters?
  8. Every unit should have an old bloke who hasn't been promoted. It's the best way for the NIGs to learn. The grown-ups call it peer something-or-other.

    Seriously, a young private is going to learn more about the day-to-day goings on from an older private than from an NCO.
  9. Why is it that the system doesn't seem to understand that some of us are happy where we are? Promotion for its own sake seems to be the order of the day. Many a good soldier has packed it in by being forced into a promotion he didn't want.
  10. No, I'm not a Very Senior Officer.
  11. I think you've misunderstood me.
  12. What I find saddening is that his CO did not think it worthwhile tipping the wink to Very Stupid Officer that there was a man in the ranks who deserved a better conversation than "Been here long/NAAFI OK/wife in station" shyt. I had a guy in my section who won DCM and we always put him front and centre. Time the Inspecting Officer/tit from New Scotland Yard/etc had finished with him meant the rest of us were not bothered with inane remarks.
  13. BB's story saddens me but doesn't surprise me these days. A lot of senior officers become so wrapped up in their environment, where everyone is a successful thruster (and those who are not have quit), that they fail to appreciate that some people are perfectly happy with their lot.

    In my opinion, Options for Change did a lot of damage to the Army in that it cut out a large swathe of the jobs that were occupied by people who were not thrusters but who did like being soldiers and were completely happy with a stable job, where they knew what they were doing.

    But, hey, change is good for us.

    (and why didn't the CO/OC leap in and explain the situation? Bad drills, IMHO).

  14. The field army became a different animal after options for change...

    All the experienced "middle management" was cut out, leaving a pile of thrusters to climb over each others careers to get to the top.

    Just in my troop all 4 section commanders went, and the recce sergeant, and 2 section 2i/c's....

    Just one of the section commanders binned had more experience and all 4 of the replacement blokes posted in..

    a fucking tory driven scandal.

    This "very senior officer" is a by product of that, where if you haven't reached "x" in your career by "y" you are obviously crap...

    cunts like that should be gut shot, and left wiggling bleeding and pleading for medics in the street.
  15. Ever thought of getting out and charging £1,000 per day as an Organisational Change Consultant? You are spot on and I can think of a particular Branch of AGC where your comments are evidenced by fact.