Very rare copy of the autobiography of Lt Colonel A D Wintle

In this auction you can bid for a very rare copy of the autobiography of Lt Colonel A D Wintle.

It's a hard back, obviously more than 40 years old and the cover does reflect this but it is intact.

Somewhere along the line a drop of something has fallen on the cover (see picture). It looks like a 40 year old book would look.

The item was kindly donated by CQMS.

Please note that the auction will run until 11th November 16:00 hrs UK time.



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I couldn't possibly top that offer and I already have the book but just thought I'd say that you are absolutely going to enjoy it if you have not read it before. Wintle was mad as a fish and seriously heroic.
Please bid for this - you will not be disappointed! I already have a copy, which I won't let out of my sight. I have been offered £200 plus for it, but I consider it irreplaceable.

It is very rare and very hard to get hold of: when I was seeking my copy some years ago (about 18!), most of the available copies were in America. As luck would have it, I was then given one by an old friend.

Wintle - what a man. I try and use at least one of his quotes once a week. Get a flavour of the chap here:

Alfred Wintle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I'm chuffed to bits reading this thread - I picked up a copy of this a couple of years ago in a charity shop for a pound! In fantastic condition, it'll jump to the top of my reading list (when I can locate the box it is in).
Afraid I can't top the bid but a true character. Imprisoned in the Tower or London and smuggled himself out to France in WW2, IIRC. Good luck to the successful bidder.


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In honour of Wintle and of the RBL I will donate 5% of whatever it raises.
£250.00 -

Some quotes from the great man:

"I am never bored when I am present." - on being asked upon his release from prison if he had found it boring.
"It may have escaped your attention, but there is no fighting to be done in England." - on being told he was being removed from active duty against his will following an injury.
"No true gentleman would ever unfurl one" - Wintle discussing his umbrella
"This umbrella was stolen from Col. A.D. Wintle" - note left in his permanently furled umbrella
"Time spent dismounted can never be regained,"
"No true gentleman would ever leave home without one" - of his monocle

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