Very possibly a stupid question but...

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by piespies, Oct 7, 2007.

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  1. I'm planning to attend the Remembrance Sunday service at my parents' tiny country church, and I'll probably end up playing Last Post and Reveille as the "only bugler in the village" ;)

    Question is:

    I'd really like to go in uniform to do my bit for promoting the TA and raising awareness. However I don't have 2s or blues. Is C95 acceptable, or should I just wear a suit?
  2. can you not borrow a set. someone you know must have contacts??????
  3. Considering you get most of the formed units in Manchester, LIverpool etc. parading in CS95 I wouldn't see it as a problem.
  4. I've been to a unit church service in C95s. Obviously in this circumstance, No 2's would be better, but C95s are better than civvies, I'd say.
  5. Sounds like a pretty scary thing to do, but good on you for doing it mate.
  6. Have a word with your QM, even if he hasn't got any he will "know a man who does", time is ticking though so get cracking. If all else fails then as has been said C95 will be better than civvies, just make them look as good as possible.
  7. slight problem is I don't have a QMan as such, as am a specialist... think it's going to be C95 all the way, stiffly pressed, polished etc...
  8. I'd love to see polished C95!
  9. hehehe

    it's amazing what brasso and silvets will do... ;-)
  10. Hey rebel_with_a_cause and piespies just reading your last couple of comments, are you two flirting with each other? No offence!
  11. I think that as two consenting adults its none of your beeswax.
  12. Don't know If you are RLC specialist but a group of guys from my regiment just got issued No 2s for a parade, they where issued through Granthem stores I believe.
  13. even as a specialist yyou will still have a 'qm' type chain, otherwise who would issue your CS 95. try and remember, then contact them...they will at least be able to point you in the right direction. failing that I have a set of old REME ones (sepending on your corps and size) that you could borrow from me....
  14. Ah yes, understood the point, it's just a hassle, is all as I live a long way from CVHQ. Out of interest, is SD issued or is it bought? I'm confused.
  15. pies, you dark horse!

    I was unaware you were a fellow bugler.

    When I was back in the emerald toilet, I used to play the last post for a regular unit at portadown. Due to the fact that my new unit has only just got my p-file ( after my transfer languishing at glasgow for the last 9 months ) I think they've been unaware of my musical skills until now. Not sure if they'll ask me though. My old unit never bothered to ask and when they thought about it ( normally about one week before ) I had already been asked to play by regular army units who appreciated the fact they wouldn't have to play a tape recording.

    However, bearing in mind I'm now in Colchester, 16 AA normally have their own bugler. Ne'er mind.