Very possibly a bone question, but...

What is the current thinking/edict on TA personnel wearing uniform to/from training? I've heard various things from "not at all" to "it depends" to "go right ahead"

Is there a definitive answer?

(standing by for incoming - btw Wah mode is off)
You can do, subject to any local rules your unit may have, although certainly the done thing at my unit is not to.

There was a thread on the TA Forum about just this a while back, which if I were more organised I'd put a link to for you.
We do wear uniform up here going to and from, but we are in a very pro military area with lots of veterans of all ages in the local population.
Its also seen as a useful recruiting tool....
interesting answers, thanks guys. One of the interesting facts is that I'm a specialist, so have to travel some distance to attachments. For example, I'm going somewhere next week for a couple of days. I'm going straight from work so will be suited and booted for the way out, but plan on coming straight home after the two days, and didn't want the faff of changing. Plus, I believe that a) it's a good recruiting tool and b) we should be proud of the uniform in spite of the threats both physical and verbal we may encounter. I'm going to go for it, and it'll be interesting what response I get, especially as I have to travel on public transport through a big city...
Most of my lot travel in kit, but with a civvy top on, or minus 95 shirt... Of course, this manages to cleverly disguise the fact I'm a soldier- no one looking at my trousers, boots, or big black bag would ever guess...
You do sometimes get a bit of abuse, but generally its not a problem

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