Very Orde Behaviour.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Alec_Lomas, Aug 24, 2011.

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  1. Apologies if the following is already in the circuit. The article appeared in a Sunday paper and was regurgitated in the London Evening Standard. Under the heading of ' Oh, how we love a man in fake uniform'

    'I am utterly gripped by the revelation that Sir Hugh Orde, chairman of the Association of Chief Police Officers and a man who always seems so authoritative on telly, has along been wearing a fake uniform with a made up plastic badge.

    "This uniform does not belong to any police force," an unnamed senior officer told the Mail on Sunday. "It has no constitutional or legal basis, especially the hat he wears. Instead of the traditional crest, he's put an ACPO badge on it. It looks made up, like a traffic warden's uniform."

    It's an annoying coinage of the modern age, I know, but sometimes the exclamation -"bless" is appropriate to the emotion. Some are suggesting that Sir Hugh's decision to wear this Ghaddafi-style pretend uniform on television is a subliminal pitch for the Met Commissioner's job. Blah ...... blah...blah.... You get the theme. Aber, fick meine altern ACPO stefiels.
  2. Thought it might be about Orde Wingate.
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  3. I think it's still a criminal offence to impersonate a Police Officer, I wonder if any of his ACPO friends will arrest him?
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  4. He still is a police officer in the rank of Chief Constable; it's written into the Police Reform Act.

    Personally I reckon he thinks that wearing his green PSNI uniform will damage his chances of getting a job in a mainland force so he's picked something more metropolitan (with a small m of course...) looking.
  5. Ahhh, now it makes sense, try to throw shit and hope it'll stick :-
    Sir Hugh, who is president of the ­Association of Chief Police Officers, has been a strong critic of Government ­ministers in the wake of the riots.
    He dismissed David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May’s decisions to return from holidays to deal with the crisis as “an irrelevance”.
  6. He would, wouldn't he.
  7. Hmmnnn........ Private Eye that well known government mouthpiece would seem to have some issues with him -

    " Sir Hugh Orde, Lord Gnome's favourite police chief has been busily working the media since he emerged as a front runner to take over from Sir Paul Stephenson as Metropolitan Police Commissioner; popping up on the Today programme and Adam Boulton's Sky News show to talk about how he would reform 'The Yard'.
    Funny how Sir Hugh wasn't quite so eager to court the media when the Eye was probing his curious use of expenses to cover free business travel for his family for almost six years. Still fairs fair; at least he never accepted a £15,000 freebie from a health farm. This is surely more than enough to qualify him for top job at the Met." (Private Eye No 2011)
  8. Orde is well know for self-aggrandisement,and is self promoted as the ideal candidate for the Met job,but what is his claim to fame?
    He did 7 years as CC of the NI Feds,hardly a taxing job,kicks it in to touch in 2009,to become the President of ACPO,good career move or what,and is currently waiting to be anointed as the new head of the Metropolitan Police,all I can say is God help London,given the damage this tosser has done with ACPO,I wouldn't like to be a copper in the Met,and political,you ain't seen nothing yet! :meditate:

    Boris doesn't know what he's letting himself in for. :muhaha:
  9. Which one?!
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  10. The fact that Orde is head of a subversive non elected and non accountable organisation should in and off itself disbar him from public office.
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  11. "Orde is well know for self-aggrandisement,and is self promoted as the ideal candidate for the Met job,but what is his claim to fame? He did 7 years as CC of the NI Feds,hardly a taxing job"

    Running the police in NI really is a piece of piss. Dead on.
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  12. HHH

    HHH LE

    Well, during his time in charge, he did do plenty of running.
    Just a pity it was marathons with his bit on the side !!
  13. I didn't know that, but you are right, and the provision means that in spite of what some have suggested in this and other threads, although it is not a statutory body ACPO's existence along with the office of its President is recognised under the law:

    I would have thought that although there are anomalies or unique aspects connected with ACPO's status, in the present climate there is unlikely to be any appetite to replace it with a new statutory quango.
  14. That is interesting. So if a CPO who was not a chief constable became President, then he/she would automatically get a promotion to CC?