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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Kapanda, Jul 27, 2010.

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  1. Forgive me for doing this, but I couldn't think of another (better) place online to ask this question.

    So, I'm Portuguese and Angolan (hold both passports), and my dad introduced to me the idea of joining the Angolan army.

    I've been intrigued by the army since a kid, and in uni I was thinking of joining first the French Foreign Legion, then of ways to possibly join the Royal Marines and then (possibly) the SAS. I could easily change my passport since I have been here for ten years now.

    Anyway, that was just to show that joining the armed forces does interest me. But, a few things are giving me second thoughts. First, joining the Royal Marines would be better because the British armed forces are known for being quite possibly the very best trained in the World. I don't think us Angolans can boast anything like that (best in Africa? meh..) So once I left for the civilian life again, I would expect that such an accomplishment (plus a degree that I hold) would impress employers.

    Second, I love London and I want to stay here. Just recently, I've started to enjoy my life so much more, I think joining the army would take that away from me. I can't make up my mind if the tradeoff is worth it.

    So I would like to hear, from your perspective as military men, if you think I should join (the Angolan army). I don't know much about it, and there isn't much info online, so I'll never get unbiased information on it. Maybe some of you know bits about the Angolan armed forces as well...

    Thanks a lot.
  2. I will restrain myself on this one and defer to my ARRSER colleagues who can speak more directly to this conundrum.
  3. lol oops, I still mix military and army all the time.

    But I meant to say British armed forces.
  4. Well... I don't care so much about the threat of dying as I do about killing someone else... not totally sure I could justify it (after all, I don't HAVE to join the army). And that is irrelevant of who I do it for.

    But I have this view of the army full of camaraderie, adventure, discipline, and that does attract me. It's not even the idea of possibly being employed abroad that attracts me that much (the Angolan armed forces have very few operations at the moment and within the foreseeable future anyway). It's the training itself, it's going through it all and coming out the other side with men you would die for, and if you are prepared to face death, then any desk job is little challenge (or at least that's how I dream my life would go afterwards).
  5. Hard blows Cnut but fair, eminently fair.. :rolleyes:
  6. Kapanda

    I think you might be best advised to look elsewhere for a career. If you are not totally committed to joining the Armed Forces, you will ultimately be setting yourself up for failure. The Angolan army is good by African standards but you will be entering a force where fairness is not guaranteed, where facilities and equipment are challenged and where many of the things you will now take for granted in UK are absent.

    The positive aspects you mention about the Armed Forces are true in the British Forces, but I would question whether that is a universal truth, and my experience of African armies leads me to conclude that it is probably not so much the case in the Angolan Army. There are other places to get these sort of advantages such as the police, mountain rescue, the Coast Guard etc but in the Angolan context, I suspect not many users of this website would be able to comment authoritively.

    Good luck with whatever you decide though.
  7. Why not join the Portuguese Military Forces ?
  8. For a Portugese and Skinny Guy your command and punctuation of the English language is very good. Anybody else smell it?
  9. Aye,haddock or cod.Can't decide.
  10. I`d join the Sun or News of the world if I were you.
  11. JJH you Sir are a born diplomat. A most unusual characteristic in any military man, never mind Uncle Sams Armed Forces.
  12. Uncle Sam's Misguided Children I think you mean. :D
  13. WAAAH methinks. Call me old fashioned etc but - - -!

    Also, there's a lot of peole who would like to live in London, if you join up you won't be living in that fine town. I'd aim slightly lower, consider contacting the South African Forces.

  14. Ah yes, and don't forget all the pillage and rape you can indulge in too!
  15. At what point will you be asking for my bank details so you can transfer me the monies?