Very likely a crock of sh1te but..

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by futurebootie, Jul 11, 2009.

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  1. In light of all the kak about offensive material on here,
    could we not make it so only known pro-forces members or serving and ex-serving members can see the naafi?

    I wouldn't like to be excluded but I'm a civvy tw@t and quite frankly most of the appeal of coming here was it's a way to get away from all the political correctness and it seems that we're losing that.

    Yea maybe this site is a tad sick, but its all in good fun, and its a military website ffs, not the tellytubbies rainbow land.

    So can't the admins rig something up so not everyone can see the sick stuff?
    I know on another website i frequent, has it set up so you can only see the Jollies Bar if you are a member..

    Apologies if im talking out my arrse, this kinda PC sh1t just p1sses me off.
  2. The point is, my young chum, that this is a free site - as in free speech - you have to make an effort to find the grubby NAAFI pages and it's an individuals choice to come and play in here. I dont see why we should post our opinions in secrecy, like Catholic priests molesting young boys, high court judges fiddling with fish and goats and MP's sniffing amyl nitrate whilst being sucked off by young guardsmen. If people dont like it, they can fu ck off and find a nice website about flowers. Or more likely Japanese girls panties etc.

    Edited for fuc king awfull spelling
  3. Someone who bumped their gums just recently about a thread was a serving officer so it wouldn't make much odds if it was military only.
  4. Well bang goes that idea. :evil:
  5. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Have you got a link?
  6. Loads, hang on a mo I am watching a rather good film of some bird being had up the bum.
  7. So, have I got this right?

    Good = Look out!

    Bad = Gaze out!
  8. I understand that Arrse does have a few private forums, which allow/invite the more amusing members.

    There have been numerous discussions, over the years, about the NAAFI, and my understanding is that it will always remain a public forum (for the majority of us plebs).
  9. Stuff only gets binned and deleted when it is either not at all funny absolutely bone or used by a poster to further some half assed crap personal agenda that they can neither back up with independent verifiable facts when called on it or at least have the spine to stand by what ever drivel they are spouting, within the realms of being responsible if they are found to full of shite by the majority.

    Arrse to me a a decent example of free speech, posters are assumed to take responsibility for what they post, but also it not a democracy and if you don't like that then individuals have the freedom of choice to fcuk off and read something else!
  10. Although it might appear a valid argument in view of the recent cowardly, underhanded actions of an attention-seeking fückturd, Futurebootie, the fact is that some twisted turd will always find statements that s/he finds "objectionable", even if nobody else does. We should have learned by now that "free speech" is anything but, given the possibility of the "meeja exposure" offered by being indignant about any and everything.

    I well remember case of Glenn Hoddle some years ago. His entirely private musings about whether disabled folks could conceivably be experiencing a sort of karma in life because of negative actions in a previous life got him sacked from his job.

    All these hysterical, dribbling-at-the-gob attacks on his integrity, manhood, parentage etc, never actually took into account that there was absolutely no evidence to prove him wrong. They all just wanted to draw attention to themselves. Looka me, sir! Aren't I the intellectual one!

  11. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Vetting people to find out their suitability to be allowed in to the NAAFI Bar is not practical.
  12. Its not the way of the ARRSE we like either i believe, and check your bloody email too :wink:
    All in the name :D
  14. Face it, the Naafi isn't a Naafi anymore.
  15. I suppose there could be a further warning page such as "The following pages contain items which you will defintitely object to. If you think you will feel offended, please fu-ck off and go someplace else".

    That should do it.

    P.S. What's so special about Jap panties then?