Very late SJAR

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by Unknown_Callsign, Oct 18, 2011.

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  1. Just asking what my options are here.
    My CO has yet to do my Part 2, my SJAR is still with him on JPA despite the fact that it should have been released to Glasgow months ago.
    Not a Happy Teddy!
  2. Have you spoken to your RCMO? that would have been my first port of call rather than the internet.
  3. Your Harry and your CO is your gran I claim my tenner!
  4. March in to his office and turn his desk over. If the Adjt says anything just point at him with your pointing finger on your left hand, whilst putting your pointing finger on your right hand to your lips and then across your neck, glaring.

    That'll learn him.

    Your speak to your CoC/RCMO. Has it missed the board?
  5. Not sure that would be the best policy to be honest.

    I reckon that the best bet is to breeze in with a lit cigar clamped between your teeth, jump on his desk and give the CO's DII terminal a good old fashioned shoeing with your size 11s. Before he reacts inform him firmly, but politely, that if he can't use the terminal to write your SJAR then he can't have the terminal for whatever the f@&k he is doing that he thinks is more important. Jump down off the desk, salute, turn about and nonchalantly stroll out. When the Adjt comes scurrying in (as he surely will), simply take the 'Don Logan' approach and offer to stub the cigar out on Adjy boy's f@&cking eyeballs.

    Alternatively you could try asking your chain of command - or if not really applicable, then the Adjt.?
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  6. Some very good thoughts guys cheers, Althought a bit radical iI will consider them if push comes to shove.
    Just like to point out I have no RCMO and My Adjt doesn't seem to give a flying F**K, you see the corner I am in
  7. Who wrote part 1? Whoever it was, speak to him/her!
  8. What have you said to the Adjt, and what was their response? I find it difficult to believe that they can afford to take a cavalier attitude to MS as it's their bread and butter. If they let the CO fall foul of Glasgow, it'll be their squishy dangly parts in the vice with the CO's!
  9. They'll certainly sit up and listen if you submit a service complaint (that's one of the prime reasons they exist), but I would recommend exhausting all other avenues before pursuing one.
  10. I guess your CO got around to part two then?
  11. When is an SJAR classed as being late - should it be received just before the Reporting Year End Date or just after?
  12. The CO's are generally slower, the longer they're trying to spell EE or EFF. If it takes much longer it's probably not in the top third so don't worry about it.

    On a more serious note, ask the 1RO.