Very important question....

I'm 22 yrs old and I'm looking to sign up to the army. I've gone through the information packs that have been sent to me today. I have a slight problem though. I'm a vegan due to an eating disorder I was born with, therefore the only food I can actually is basically vegetables. I consulted them at and they said that it "may be a problem on the fields but they try to cater for all dietery needs."

Basically I've GOT to stick with it. I cannot eat meat, fish, eggs etc AT ALL. Just mainly vegetables. So I'm just wondering WILL they cater for my dietery needs or will they not? My dad served in the Light Infantry in the 70s through to the early 90s. Would the army life be compatible for me?

Any help with this will be appreciated.

Contact the Cabbage Patch Kids...RLC........they could advise you!!!!
I don't think the fact that you are a vegan is the issue, it's the underlying medical condition forcing you to be a vegan that could be the showstopper.

Go to your nearest careers office and ask for advice, they should be able to help with a quick phonecall to a Medical Officer.

Good luck.

Also, try posting this in the health and fitness or recruiting forum for a more qualified response.
England said:
Alright then cheers. I'll do just that.
You could be pretty fukcde if the said disorder also bans you from drinking beer.
I'm sure the QM will be thrilled to bits when he puts in a ration indent for 540 type A ration packs and a vegan. Sometimes practicalities do have to be considered which is why uniform is uniform. I take it that if you end up in that sandy place and don't get your one off ration pack you'll be aqble to sue the army because you're being denied your human rights.
Sorry to hear about your condition but as I say practicalities do count.

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