very helpfull forum thanks to everyone

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by howie, Apr 27, 2006.

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  2. I know a bit about banking. Unless you have a prticularily weird name, you can say that you are a different Fred Bloggs, or whatever, and that its a common name in Ingurland, that's if it even comes up. If you are in a different unit and a different town it should be plain sailing.

    Also quite a few places over there have the Sparbuch, savings book thingys, and from there, its a natural leap to debit cards, cheque books etc.
  3. don't worry you can still use your bank card here, when you get here your advised to open a German bank account, which you are shown how to do. Then via your RAO you can set up an allotment from your wage into your German Account. You get a debit card but no overdraft. Hopes this helps
  4. great i was in germany in 98 but forgot how to work the system i also forgot that the sparkassa has a debit card with your account my uk cashcard dosnt have any symbols on it for cash machines abroad i was royaly screwed hopeing to get back to where i was financialy post bitch
  5. it has a cirrus symbol on the back if thats any help
  6. and once you have been making regular deposits, the financial ones that is, you can ask them for some more goodies, and also, one idea might be to try for a hun bank that has branches here, or owns a bank here, so when you get back, you can get UK goodies too. Wish you luck with it
  7. Set up a Sparkasse account mate you will be fine.......
  8. Note that some of the German banks have links to UK banks (Deutsche Bank and HSBC, for example), and that credit reference agencies such as Experian operate all over Europe. German banks do carry out credit checks when opening accounts. None of these things will necessarily stop you getting an account, however.

    In the longer term, it may be worth having a look at one of the established debt counselling services, such as National Debtline, who can give free and confidential advice on how you may be able to improve your position. For clarity, I don't mean any sort of consolidation loan company or similar organisation. I would also recommend getting your file from the credit reference agencies and make sure, for example, that you are disassociated from your ex-wife on their records.
  9. I believ you can use cirrus cards at all the main cashpoint over here, but it'll cost you about a £1 - £1.50 for every withdrawal. Sparkasse don't credit check on UK accounts.
  10. thanks all of you
  11. If your debit card shows the"maestro" symbol you can also use it in the german shops - even the gadaffi if you're desperate!!
  12. You should contact the likes of Experian and other Credit reference Agencies and explain that it was your wife and not you, otherwise she will (maybe) do the same thing again. If you think you've been unfairly blacklisted you can this changed.

    Experian doesn't recognise BFPO addresses, I tried to get a credit rating recently for a mortgage and came up against a blank without a proper UK Postcode. All the agencies use computer software that can on occasion throw up wobblies; I read in Which? magazine about a guy who was ringing around loan companies trying to see who would offer the best deal (as any savvy shopper would), when he finally picked a company and applied for the loan they turned him down. It appears that all his phone calls had come up on the computer as unsuccesful applications for credit and he'd therefore been blacklisted. I spoke to a guy at a finance brief recently who had always paid his credit card off in full at the end of the month, when he applied for another card with a different provider, he was turned down - his credit rating was too good, the card companies could see that they would make no money from him.

    In short finance is a crazy mixed up world and what do you want an overdraft for anyway?
  13. Sparkasse or commerzbank or Volksbank, all these banks love squaddies and will bite your hand off.

    You will have to wait for a while to get a visa or mastercard!
  14. Oh and make sure you get a German account for all your cash and banking needs in Germany. All UK banks charge you (up to £5 per withdrawal) to take money out of foreign cashpoints. Take some dosh out twice a week and at the end of the month that's cost you £40. I'll say that again, FORTY quid to get your hands on your own money. Set up an account in Sparkasse/Volksbank (you'll need about €20 to open one) and the Army will put money in it every month for free! You can then withdraw cash from your bank chain for FREE. It ain't difficult, go to the neearest branch to your camp and I guarantee they'll have some in there who speaks very good English.

    Once you have account you could approach them for loans for that special automotive purchase, the Bank of England base rate is 4.5%, the ECB base rate for the Euro is 2%. You do the maths.
  15. Just a thought, why don't you investigate the opening of a Nationwide account, they have free withdrawals now in Europe.