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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 5.56mm, Aug 4, 2006.

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  1. cocking the lsw or sa80 is very hard as i found out when i went to hythe ranges last week and did cqb and battle simulation and clay pigeon.
    i find it easier to cock with the right hand than left dunno why just do.
  2. Wait until you've had a go of a GPMG. ;)
  3. The reason why you find it difficult to cock the SA80 is that the cocking handle is on the wrong side. But it's designed that way. :roll:
  4. Does your right hand get more excercise than your left, by any chance? :p
  5. oh god, don't encourage him.
  6. And he's back with a vengence! Try cocking the HMG .50!
  7. Once there was silence.............then there was 5.56mm. 8O

    We scurvy knaves are not fit to touch the hem of your SAS/SBS/...etc combat jacket :lol:

  8. Also note......he does clay pigeon with the SA80 :? :?

    I'm impressed to hell and back 8) 8)

  9. sorry about that the clay pigeon thing was a mistake.
  10. That's nothing. I am reliably informed that he can also sleep with his eyes open. That's right isn't it L/Cpl D*** :D
  11. welcome back 5.56
  12. Lance Pants? Fcuking hell!!
  13. best 3 star? does that mean you get little badges like in McDonalds in the cadet force now? :D
  14. My informant tells me he got somw DVDs. 'Ultimate Farce' by any chance 5.56mm??
  15. hmmmmmmmmmmmm l/cpl m**i***r is it u or cpl b**d*