Very broken iPhone

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Powdermonkey, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. Hi everyone
    I may have been very very pissed off and a little drunk earlier culminating on me throwing my iPhone on the pavement, the screen is now very very cracked and the circuit board is popping out the top of the screen. Does anyone know if I can get this repaird by Apple/O2 or will I have to buy a new phone. Also if anyone has any good ideas for telling them how it was broken if they can repair it then that would be useful too!!

    Ill upload a couple of pics tommorow mornign when im not so tired/pshed!! :D
  2. Get a new one, and don't get pished and break it again.
  3. You were up on the roof trying to get your sat dish to work and your missus was inside telling you, YEs, No, left a bit , right a bit etc. So you were talking on the dog while using both hands to move the dish and bingo.
  4. Good luck if you're on Payg with o2, I've had a phone break through no fault of my own (there was a samsung that was known to have a dodgy screen) within the warranty and I was f*cked off by o2.

    I wouldn't hold out much hope with apple either, I spent hundred of quid on itunes and had to restore my computer , Apple let me re-download my stuff once only for my mate to stand on my laptop and I lost the lot (so I had to resort to pirating everything I had bought legally).

    You've got bob hope of getting anything out of either, unless you have phone insurance you might be able to blag it, I would say you had the phone in your back pocket and sat down on it, might be believable if you're a fat f*ck.
  5. Some sort of insurance claim perhaps?

    Some unscrupulous people have even been known to go to a police station and report it lost to get a police report number for just such actions. Not that I'm suggesting anything of course, just what I've heard talk of in the pub.
  6. Phone insurance, job done. Even if you need to take it out today and claim next week.
  7. Hi everyone
    Thank for the response, I'm on O2 pay monthly, although shouldn't think that makes a difference.

    Though this might be the case :x !! Think I'd have to gain quite a few pounds though before that claim would be believable !!

    I have heard about certain 'unscrupulous people' reporting phones stolen when infact they're broken, however surely if the sims been stolen then the sim card can't be kept, got several things on the sim I'd like to keep so not sure I'd like my phone to go missing!

    Not sure if I'v phone insurance or not actually, will have to check that one, would that replace the phone or give me money for the phone, if it was payed out......

    As promised a couple of pics of the dead iPhone....

    Uploaded with


    Uploaded with
  8. Haha :D ! I wish , one of my friends comments was straight away, 'has that been run over' :D Hmm, maybe thats what i should tell Apple/O2....
  9. I used to be a manager for O2 and I can confirm you've got fuck all chance of getting that repaired or replaced under warranty. You'll be lucky if the shop staff don't laugh right in your face for asking.

    Customer damage/misuse will be the line you'll get thrown back at you.

    If you have mobile phone insurance, chances are you'll get fucked off at the high port as well mate.

    Just buy a new one to be honest.

    However, if you're near the end of your contract, then O2 Upgrades might take pity on you and let you upgrade early - worth a try. They did it for me last year, when my Samsung INNOV8 went tits up.

    Good luck!!!! :D
  10. Feck! I've dropped my iPhone dozens of times. I did bust the screen once (so bought a replacement on ebay for 130 (1st gen)) but that was when it fell about five feet onto it's end, and landed on a cobbled road. Even then it only hand a single crack down it. You must have thrown it pretty hard, I'm surprised the battery didn't explode!
  11. iphone insurance carries a £100 excess everywhere.

    For future reference take out instant cover insurance online, where you may pay 3 month up front, covered instantly!....then break you phone, but as said earlier that iphone excess is a killer for most.

    What attracts you to it? I have a Nokia N900, it has apps, 48GB capacity, watch any file type on it (avi etc), any music file, browse internet with flash, and has same inside as the new 4G iphone im told. Oh, and excess for damage is only £25.
  12. After dropping and shattering the screen I was left in the same position.

    I took mine to the Apple store in Cardiff.

    There they told me they could replace the screen for £130 or give me a reconditioned handset for £130 and my old handset in exchange.

    I chose the second option. The reconditioned handset comes with a brand new outer case and screen and the inside is made of of reclaimed components of iPhones that have gone down the same route. There is also a 3 Month warranty on the reconditioned handset.

    I haven't had the slightest bit of trouble with it, and in exchange for a rather warn 14 month old 3g, I got what looked like a shiny new one.

    Hope this helps.

  13. Would have to agree with you there as another N900 owner.

    The phone eats huge amounts of pie and then takes a huges steaming dump on the iphone. Currently doesn't have as many apps as the iphone but its hasn't been around as long as has recently had a significant OS update.

    Maemo, as an OS, is the best ive seen on a smart phone yet. Should be going to Meego soon aswell which is even better. All the software is open source aswell.
  14. To save wasting a dvd disk I now transfer the film to my N900, and use the TV out to watch it. Output is great on a 50".

    iphone = gimmick that will soon die off unless apple open up
  15. Are you serious?