Very big auction of WW2 uniforms in Lille, France on Oct. 20

nice selection of stuff shame ive not got lottery funding for my museum...
id buythe need a new building to display it,, but it seems such a shame to break up collections like this,,,,walts will end up with most of it and it will be ruined for ever,,,sad...
"Only worn once"

Ho Ho Ho...
I wouldn't mind getting my mitts on this item:

The Gas Rattle would be great for flushing pheasants, but 100 Euros is pushing it a bit!

And suprise, suprise, out of 11 items listed as GB 4 of them are marked as SAS!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the SAS items is a Denisson Smock for a cool 150-170 Euro estimate:

You never see issue skiddies for sale.

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