Very big auction of WW2 uniforms in Lille, France on Oct. 20

nice selection of stuff shame ive not got lottery funding for my museum...
id buythe need a new building to display it,, but it seems such a shame to break up collections like this,,,,walts will end up with most of it and it will be ruined for ever,,,sad...
"Only worn once"

Ho Ho Ho...
fantassin said:
This has to be one of the most important such sale in France in the recent past.

Here is the list of items for sale (US, UK, FR etc)

Click on the image with the uniforms to see the list
I'd imagine German items are too highly prized to be flogged :wink:
I wouldn't mind getting my mitts on this item:

The Gas Rattle would be great for flushing pheasants, but 100 Euros is pushing it a bit!

And suprise, suprise, out of 11 items listed as GB 4 of them are marked as SAS!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the SAS items is a Denisson Smock for a cool 150-170 Euro estimate:

You never see issue skiddies for sale.

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