Versatile Engagement

Still waiting for the details to be posted on-line, but I'm told they will come up on ArmyNet by Christmas.

Coming in from 1 Jan 08, VEng will give all new soldiers a fixed 9-year contract with a commital of 4.3 years. This contract will be extended by three years each time a soldier is promoted.

The vision is to slow promotion rates but to offer a soldier career running up to 55 instead of pulling the plug at 22 years.

Asked about Manning Control. Not happy with response. I'll seek clarification and get back to you.

Be interested to see if any of our young darlings will sign up for 9 years. Be very interesting to see if those who do will allow themselves to be promoted and incur a time bar in addition to the one they get after a technical course.

Does this happen in 2 (UK) Div or do people sue for an infraction of their basic human rights ie being able to move from contract to contract with no penalty. Will someone be brave enough to do a Bosman?
Duh? A Return of Service is a perfectly legal prerequisite for loading on professional courses: many blue chip companies do the same thing, otherwise they'd never put employees on market-valuable courses.

And under VEng the "little darlings" sign up for 4.3 years, not nine. It's just that at 9 years they get kicked out if they haven't been promoted: this takes the place of Manning Control.

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