Versatile Engagement

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by needforspeed, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. Here's one for the forum, what are peoples views on the above, ie extending your career by two years and working for the Crown for a bit longer. Might suit some but i have a feeling that it will not suit all.

    Has anyone heard any horror stories about this engagement.

    Thoughts anyone.

    HTB keep it clean.
  2. IMHO it's gonna depend on how many are selected for the full 35 year career. If it's loads promotion is gonna slow right down otherwise I can't see a problem if folks want to do it.

    Personally looking at what the longer career has done for the SPS can't see me taking anything beyond 22 as promotion is now slower than a slug on valium.

  3. I guess you need to do remedial spelling or is versiltile a new version of versatile?
  4. sorry blonde moment

    22 Years and thats it. They can poke off after that. I have always said 22 and thats it and nothing I have seen or heard has changed my mind on that.

    There. All nice and clean :D

    So - are you still on full gape or has your bullet wound recovered any elasticity? :X
  6. You just could not help yourself
  7. Apologies,...................pedant moment.
  8. I welcome a longer career, having just helped 3700 R Irish Soldiers on their way to civvy strasse.

    It's easy to ignore the 22 year point proud man who says he's having a great time in his new house etc etc. But the reality of so many people reporting that the civvy wage is shite, the jobs are mindnumbingly boring and, most importantly, they miss the craic - is enough to see me through to the end of VEng!

    If you're unsure - speak to your civvy mates, or get out now!
  9. That may be so and in some respects i do agree with you, but do you not think that the army has changed so much that it is time to hang up your spurs and leave at your 22 year point. It is a young mans game and the thought of landing in Al MAK at 0300 hrs to do a dangerous arrest op armed to the teeth at 40+ years scares me a little. Especially when you are surrounded by 20 year olds that expect you to keep up. All you are doing is holding them back and putting them in danger. I am not saying that you should not deploy more that it is time to go. Civvy street scares me a little but not half as much as the above.

    Difficuly to explain in this forum especially when you have to write it, sometimes it does not come out right.
  10. I was offered it 5 months after handing my kit in and glad I declined. Best move I have made and I have only been out 2 months. earning more, more self respect, less hours and no tours. Although some people will not be able to cut the apron strings and leave.
  11. Had exactly that chat today with a couple of people in the mess. I cannot envisage the circumstances (shy of a war so big I am not allowed to leave) that would keep me in past 22 years and a nanosecond.
  12. If this had been available when I retired (after 24 yrs - 2 yrs boy service) I would have jumped at the chance. Looking back over the 8 years that have gone by since then I thank my lucky stars that I didn't get commissioned and Veng wasn't available. I'm now doing a job connected to but radically different from that which I did in the Army - and I feel that I have found my vocation. I work with some of my old Army (and Navy and RAF mates - some still serving) and none of us who are retired envy those still serving. Most of those still serving are just waiting for their pensions and would be out now if they had the chance! I am incredibly proud of having served and will not countenance anyone bad mouthing our Armed Forces, but age 39yrs and 364 days was the right age for me to say goodbye!
  13. I don't know about cutting the apron strings;

    give up cheap petrol, cheap fags, cheap housing, free dental/medical, tax free car, paid absence and clothing that most modern people pay a fortune for - free!!!!!

    I took the jump and got 5+. I was supposed to be out this Sep, but I just don't think that the quals I have will get me 40k a year in civilian strasse that doesn't involve match fixing or bank robbery!

    Yes I will milk the crown for every damn penny I can get.
  14. Erm, bearing in mind that VEng is totally voluntary, your question answers itself really.
  15. give up cheap petrol, cheap fags, cheap housing, free dental/medical, tax free car, paid absence and clothing that most modern people pay a fortune for - free!!!!!

    As I said each to thier own. But In my case I was pleasently suprised by how receptive the job market was to a full term ex RMP. You may be too!! But if you want to shift some of your free booze n fags my way remember Lord Tescos moto. 'Every little helps'