Versatile Engagement

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by TheCleric, Jan 22, 2008.

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  1. What is this about?

    My understanding is that it gives you the option of serving to 24 years thus increasing your chance of promotion before you leave giving you a better pension (plus the extra two years service), though what I can't figure out is if you come out at 22 and have changed to the new engagement will you still get your full pension?

    I don't fully get it and I think it's unfair on the younger lads to be given a PD which loosely explains everything without some form of a brief by MCM/Chief Clerks. We had such a brief during the pension change so why not for this.

    Can someone enlighten me please?
  2. Apparently it's on a need to know basis and if you haven't had the brief, you're getting binned at 12, 16 at the latest...
  3. We had an email floating about recently, in attempt to quash those rumours. Your pension is totally unaffected by VEng. If you are on AFPS75 then you qualify for an immediate pension at 22 yrs regardless. So you could serve 22 yrs and then give notice to terminate, leave at 23 yr point (not sure if you can PVR under VEng) and still get the pension.
  4. Surely you could give notice at 21 years and then leave at 22 years?

    (Not that I care, I'll be long gone!)
  5. Thanks for the clarification. So basically there's no diadvantages to moving over to the new engagement? Just a scope to extend for two years if you're looking at promotion within last two years of service?

    Or is there any other impact that people should be aware of?
  6. I might be missing something but I can't see any disadvantages of VEng for those who are already aiming for 22 years anyway. So pretty good for the individual. I think in practice we'll see a trend where lots of people on AFPS75 sign up for 24 years but end up leaving shortly after. Let's face it, once you qualify for the pension you can leave at pretty much any time, however while you're looking for a job, doing your resettlement training and racking up quals you have guaranteed employment and you can leave in quite a short period of time. I suspect that rather a few people will do their 22 then immediately start canvassing for a job with the usual suspects (Atlas, EADS, EDS, General Dynamics and even the civil service). If they then got a job offer I wonder what is to stop them throwing a PVR application on the OC's desk and handing in their uniform.

    Does anyone know if VEng people are restricted from PVRing and whether they have to give a full 12 months notice?

    Monkeyspanker will we keep you in the corps for a bit longer?
  7. Had a brief on this last week PD.

    No changes at all, you still give your NTT a year before you want to leave.

    You cant PVR, and you are right about the pension, if you are on the old one (AFPS75) if you leave at 22 you still get your lump sum (22 of 37).

    All that changes is your pension increases to 24 of 37.

    Only around 3% will be offered the long career untill 55, these will be mainly IS types, FofS etc.

    Confused? So was I!
  8. No way! I'm taking the money and running (Well, driving fast anyway!).

    0A would divorce me if I had 2 more years to go.
  9. Have a word with her mate, shes a reasonable lady. I've always considered you the glue that binds the entire Corps (or at least Cormorant) together. Not sure what will happen without you. Before you know it, we'll be expected to deploy un-enduring solutions, in unrealistic time frames, without any resources. Hang on.......

  10. me too and i have had it one on one ( then again thats not hard is it HTB) looks like its an easy 2 more years service which means at this rate should be able to get another 3 tours 4 skiing trips 6 more adv trg packages and a couple more corps dinners
    not forgetting the odd tax free gifts etc.

  11. An extra 2 years for me would include a few Corps Dinners, a few footie tours and quite a bit of beach time.

    Life is sh1te, eh?
  12. lifes great at the top
    when this footy tour HTB i could do the oranges unless its bulford
  13. Just signed my life away for an extra 2 years - hope we don't invade anywhere else anytime soon......
  14. we aint got the man power to invade anywhere else??
  15. You wouldn't like it chedder, USA with Unit, and Malta with the Army :wink: