versatile engagement

drain_sniffer said:
There is a friggin DIN on it, all you got to do is look
Yes you are right DS, but not everyone is in the loop to see the DIN, hence the statement that it has been badly advertised. As an a example, the recent change of stationary suppliers, Banner no more as of the 1st of this month. Most of Germany based units were not aware of it until the week before it kicked in. The nice people from the MoD were advised very strongly to do a road show out here about it, after they said they were not. They stated that this contract had been well advertised by a DIN, the response they got proved otherwise. There are young lads out there who have been given paperwork to sign ref the Veng, but have no idea what it is all about. And my final example, was that I briefed my boss (a full Col) about it, he to hasn't heard about it & this is at Div HQ.
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