Versatile Engagement - What is that all about?


Am I right in thinking that all those "stuck in the mud" ASM's are going to be around a little longer? More attempts at a commision?

What is the score with this new plaything then?


Urgh i can tie my own shoe lace's !!
Dont know what your going on about mate but the cider is making me stay up and type random crap !!
this topic is explained in more detail on reme r us website. it follows on from binning the tiffy course and other long courses and goes more the way of the RAF with workplec based training.
With the deminishing stature of our beloved Corp, is it worth contemplating additiional service?
Gazed at it in the first sight file yesterday. Now I have to convince the lads that 24 years and a slower promotion rate is a worthwhile proposition in our *ahem* glorious Corps.

Now I have to find a straight face from somewhere.

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