Versatile Engagement - What is going on?


Shouldn't we have had a REME update by now? My mate belongs to another badge and they have just received their update. What the hell is going on? Anyone know?

Having checked with Glasgow, it appears that a HQ DEME(A) decision is imminent on the exact terms of any offer to transfer to VEng. It is expected that anyone still serving within their 22 years on 1 Oct 2008 will get the offer of 2 more years. Not sure if they will filter out anyone because of deployability, quality etc. It may be dependent on what rank and trade you are. The plan will probably be that most who are Class 1 will get the VEng offer
Blimey, I hope we don't have many Class 2 tradesmen who have done 22! Is there any? If so, how is this allowed to happen?
Sparky8 - The bit about Class 1 only means that you get the offer of 24 years when you get to Class 1. Basically this means that up to 70% of the Corps will be offered 24 years over the the next year or two, starting with those nearest their 22 year point. After that is done, as tradesmen finish their Class 1 cse they will get the offer of 24 years.

As all soldiers enlisting from Jan 08 will be on VEng, it will be probably about another 8 years before all those currently serving on Notice or Open Engagements get the offer - provided they pass their upgraders that is :!:

I hope this clarifies matters
Service beyond 24 years under VEng will be possible but for a very few where there is a need, esp where the Corps is short, or if you are a specialist in a certain area, not easily replaced. Such extra service will be in blocks of 6 years, conceiveably up till you are 55.

Under the current engagements many serve beyond 22 years using continuance anyway, again if there is a manning need or you have specialist skills.
Any chance anyone will do my last 2 years for me so I only have to do 20 and still get me pension? Sort of job swop an all that?
EX_REME said:
Any chance anyone will do my last 2 years for me so I only have to do 20 and still get me pension? Sort of job swop an all that?
I was hoping for that aswell :D suppose Ill have to fit in an Afghan in during my resettlement unless anyone wants to take my place :roll:

Regarding what Okimato said that is what ive heard through the jungle drums aswell, those above P3 that arent deployable wont be offered it but not too sure about those who can still go on tour at P3. Hopefully you lads in Germany can keep us informed on this thread, does anyone know when the road shows coming to Colchester.
The RLC have released their briefing notes in the last couple of weeks. Hopefully REME will deliver the goods at the Germany MCM visit this week
Don't think much is going to come out yet - a mate told me that HQ DEME(A) still working out the finer details - as have been trying to find out myself. Shouldn't be too long.
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