Versatile Engagement (VEng)

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by mynameis, Jul 8, 2007.

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  1. Three questions:

    1) Has this finally been signed-off by CGS?

    2) Will it apply to the Infantry?

    3) What effect will it have on LE Commissioning?

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  2. Three questions answered:

    1) Has this finally been signed-off by CGS? No idea

    2) Will it apply to the Infantry? Not in the infantry

    3) What effect will it have on LE Commissioning? Who cares if it does

    Glad to be of help :)
  3. 1) Still nothing in black and white, got some info on it in last months Craftsmans magazine.
    2) Some infantry lads have been discussing it so think so.
    3)Was told that you wouldnt be able to go LE after doing 2-5 yrs VENG but not reliable source.

    Sorry not much help there.
  4. What is it? Sounds like it could effect me in the future :eek:
  5. Found this on the Army website:


    The Versatile Engagement (VEng) will replace the Open Engagement for all soldiers enlisting from 2008 onwards. It provides a possible 3 Stage Career:

    • Stage 1 (Short Engagement) Career Stage 1 is an initial 12 year engagement for all soldiers.

    • Stage 2 (Full Engagement) Most REME soldiers on Career Stage 1 will be allowed to convert to Career Stage 2, giving them service to 24 years, should they wish to convert. In due course HQ DEME(A) will specify the qualifying criteria to be used when considering soldiers for conversion. The criteria are likely to include filters such as:

    o Trade class
    o Employability at trade
    o PES grading and assessment of deployability
    o AR/CR grade
    o AR/CR recommendation for conversion
    o Conduct grading

    • Stage 3 (Long Engagement) A limited number of soldiers on Career Stage 2 will be offered a Long Engagement, giving them service beyond 24 years in 6 year blocks, potentially up to the normal retirement age of 55. In due course HQ DEME(A) will specify the list of posts suitable for employment during Stage 3. The conversion filters applied will be broadly similar to those specified for conversion from Stage 1 to Stage 2.

    HQ DEME(A) are considering the possibility of allowing soldiers currently serving on an Open Engagement the opportunity to transfer to VEng. Details are still to be confirmed.
  6. These are the Guides, hopefully!, that were produced and published last year:

    Attached Files:

  7. And the rest of it . . .

    Can't seem to attatch the relevant doc at the mo :( file is too big! But it was doing the rounds as VEng Guide dated June 2006

    It is on ArmyNet, do a search on VEng and it was the third item listed

    ... proposal of the Versatile Engagement (VEng). Since then, the Army has ... Bonus 6 Figure 1. The VEng Structure. 6 Enlistment 6 6 ... how they will operate the VEng in the future, as well ... veng_guide_jun_06.doc - 320.5KB"
  8. Reading between the lines it will get rid of Long Service List and give you chance to extend your careers but this time you will still be able to deploy. Get yourself another tour once you have got past your 22 years :roll:
  9. Reading between the lines also, does it mean that some noobs can leave after a year? *Cough* natonal service *cough*