Versatile Engagement for the AAC ?

I heard a rumour today that the AAC is considering introducing VEng. Has anyone heard anything more than a rumour ?

If anyone isn't certain what VEng is then in a very basic nutshell it is the option to serve to 55 for OR's. There are (as ever) rules and criteria but I believe that the AGC have introduced it to some trades and that the Royal Signals have done the same.

Mid/end 07, floppy. Similar process as currently for Cont.

If you get it floppy, you'll only have 2 years to 55 anyway wont you??

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I heard that the AAC VENG was for a further 2 years extension to the present 22 year career. Therefore you can serve for 24 years and this would come into effect sometime next year.
The Lord Flasheart said:
Mid/end 07, floppy. Similar process as currently for Cont.

If you get it floppy, you'll only have 2 years to 55 anyway wont you??

:D :D
Those two years could mean an awful lot, it 's two less years on the dole and it would be nice to get out and go straight for the hip replacement, the NHS won't do it until you are 55.
Thats correct, Mutts. From what I remember from a brief it was three career points. 12 year, 24 year and 36 year. The latter effectively til your 55th birthday. For those still in when it enters service around the back end of next year I believe, it will automatically increase your service to 24 years (taking that youve already passed your 12 year point). After that, as with the current continuance and LSL (A), the next tranche is boarded. This is at present only for aircrew in the AAC.

Now before the groundies kick off, their system may only allow them to serve to their 24 year point with only a very, very small number being selected for the 3rd tranche up to 55. This is a good thing for ground crew as it means promotion all the way along the structure wont stall (as it does with the crabs). Who would want to be a fullscrew for 15 years?

I'm not sure if the AAC will increase the amount being selected past thier 24 year point v LSL(A)? We will have to wait and see.
FleshTart, that's what I understood it to be too. With the big change being that of continued promotion to the 36 year point for those on that career path. This'll mean big changes to career paths Army-wide, more akin to the RAF. Now, there's a thought, all those extra years for Lynx pilots to pile on the pounds!

I was on a brief a couple of weeks ago and the following was mentioned:

At the 12 year point people are filtered out and the vast majority will be offered the next 12 years (bit like the brown letter from years ago at the 12 year point for some people.)

At the 24 it will be a filter in (as you said, like continuance is now but it will be VERY limited)

WARNING. When people currently on open engagenment get the offer to transfer yo VEng to get the extra 2 years(sounds worthwhile?) you will be put onto the versatile engagement and you will have to transfer onto the pension of the VEng, any guesses 75? or 05 ?

Thats right 05. Think carefully how much the 2 years are worth. It was mentioned as almost a passing comment!


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The RAC is also doing this I believe aimed at Tp sgt as the effects of options for change all those years ago kicks in with and age/experience vacumn if people do not extend
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