Verifying service in 2 PARA

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by JustAQuestion, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. I live in the United States and had been dating a man for over a year. He is a British citizen in the US on a green card for the past 8 years. He said he was in the British Army, a member of 2 PARA for over fifteen years. He allowed my daughter to interview him for a school project on veterans and he tells his co-workers at his various consulting jobs about his Army career. It turns out that this is all false. He never served a day in the British Army. His lies and deceptions don't end there, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Now, I hear that he is up for his U.S. Citizen interview in January and it just seems wrong that someone who is deceiving people and employers will be able to get citizenship in the U.S.

    Do you know a way to report this?
  2. I'm sure they'll check if he says it to them. Phone up the immigration people and tell them.

    What a twat.
  3. If you should decide to progress this matter the USCIS offices are located here
  4. How did you find out?

    What a way to spend your life.
  5. PM'd you.
  6. I found out when he finally confessed to me that it was all made up. His timeline for the things he supposedly did in his life just didn't add up and I questioned him repeatedly. He had a scar on his chest that he said he received when he was shot by a sniper in Northern Ireland and it turned out that he had heart bypass surgery three years ago and that's the origin of the scar.

    He had also told me he had divorced his wife 8 years ago after she cheated on him with one of his fellow lieutenants in the PARAs and when he found out, he flew home from Cyprus and made sure the other man 'disappeared'. This was also a lie as he's never been been divorced from his wife and she lives here in the US with him.

    His lies just went on and on. He said he did private security along with several other of his mates from the PARAs. All of this was to cover the fact that he was married and had a son living with him here.
  7. Shoot him! With your liberal gun laws you'd probably get away with it.
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    What a lowlife - sadly they're out there. Name and shame the w@nker.
  9. I don't want to shoot him, I just don't want another woman to be fooled and taken advantage of as I was. He's taken the good name of your 2 PARAs and dragged it through the mud with all of his lies. I have great admiration for anyone who has served in the military. It's unfortunate that he took advantage of me because of that. He's addicted to his lies, I don't think he really knows what's true about his life and what isn't. Unfortunately, there will be another woman who believes it too.
  10. He is obviously an imposter, any red-blooded Briton would have lied about serving in 49 PARA or 25 SAS...

    Editor's note:
    25 SAS is so secret because I have just made it up. Feel free to invent a career and join me and Kiwi Bob* in 25 in our astounding military scrapes. I personally served in seven wars, three of which are imaginary. two of which feature countries that don't even exist.

    *Please note "Kiwi Bob" is my imaginary friend. He has scars wherever other people have skin. He was in Junior 49 PARA but was originally from the old New Zealand. Before the new one came in...
  11. Point him in the direction of Aldershot and Colchester and tell him to tell his tales, someone will have a word in his ear I'm sure.
  12. What is wrong with people! JAQ, if you both live in the same town, I'd take an ad out with the local paper, complete with large colour photo, detailing the lies.

    Immigration will look into his background with a fine tooth comb BUT I suspect if he's been clever enough to fool any number of people, he probably hasn't written all this Para crap down on his forms.
  13. Cuddles,

    Let me guess? It's a wet Friday afternoon. the boss hasn't gone home yet, and you are bored....! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  14. It's easy to spot these saddos. They never have the boxes and boxes and boxes of dog-eared old photos of blokes standing around looking cold and miserable like we do.

    Hang on, that probably makes us the real saddos. :)