Verdict - Mother guilty over Shannon kidnap

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Airfix, Dec 4, 2008.

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  1. Shock! horror! Pope is catholic...see p.8 for more detai...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  2. Would it keep you awake if she was found not guilty? Or would the outrage be too much and detract from 'maintaining the fleet'...
  3. I thought the Pope was Jewish! F'ck!
  4. Two bits of news, one thread, bargin!
  5. If she was found not guilty, I would be outside watching "the Pink Arrows", 9 saddleback hogs flying in perfect display formation...
  6. Wow, slap my thigh, the two of them guilty...............never would have believed that
  7. Followed by a quick trip to hell with my ice skates
  8. Now if the jury'd only returned a verdict of, "Appalling slag who should have her ovaries burned out with hot curling tongs to prevent further suffering, either by their effluent or the rest of society"...

    I blame the judge's summing up for ruling that one out.
  9. SCUM, Rot in hell..
  10. What's the betting there are all kinds of inbred half-humans crawling over the front pages tomorrow giving it "Them McCanns never went down, this is just class pre-joo-diss, innit!"
  11. If the fat northern slapper had read the all of the McCanns book 'Hide & Seek', instead of just reading the first chapter, she might have got away with it.

    I'll say one thing about this recent escapade.....aren't northern wimmin pigs?
  12. Such a pleasure to read the moderated views of Britains finest! - pity we stopped public flogging and burning!
  13. "I'll say one thing about this recent escapade.....aren't northern wimmin pigs? "

    Not all northern women are pigs, but by the standards of this particular example I feel that is a slur on pigs!
  14. And you base that on the humour of half a dozen squaddies? My, you must be real fun guy.