Verdict in on Jacko

From Sky News...
The jury in the Michael Jackson child sex abuse trial has reached a verdict.

The verdict is expected to be delivered to the California court by 21.30BST
Wait out...
He's as guilty as a puppy sat next to a pile of poo!

Not that I'm biased or want to pre-judge the verdict!!!
Can't wait for the verdict. Ohh, am so excited a could crush a grape.
Awol said:
I reckon he's guilty but will walk, 5 mins to go....
He'll walk alright..... right into the cell with the big bloke wearing a dress. He'll find out what its like to prey on the feeble and defenceless :evil:
Chec chec checkony, Shamone mother Farcker, iieeeee heeeee

How can he get away from this. He's a feckin fiddler. If it was a normal person without fame, he'd be hung.

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