Verbal contracts-binding or not??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Banshee_09, Aug 17, 2007.

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  1. Morning all,

    can anyone tell me whether a verbal contract is binding? the reason i ask, is that the other day, i asked my neighbour if they minded that i pulled down a bit of the front garden wall (which divides our properties) in order to build a porch. they said no they didn't have a problem with it, so i took out the old sledge hammer and proceeded to knock out a 1metre section, dug the foundations and started laying the bricks.

    now they are saying they want the original wall putting back or they're going to sue!!! this is going to be a tad difficult as the original wall was a big slab of stone and is now in a million pieces!!

    any help or advice appreciated!! (if killing the neighbour is all you can come up with, i came very close to it last night!!!)
  2. In principle yes, excepting contracts relating to a gamble.

    However, lawyers could earn zillions over this small post and squillions of zillions over a matter such as the one you describe. Be careful.
  3. Do you get on with them? Do you think that they are p1ssing you about? If so, put the offending brickwork through their windows.

    Sounds like you spoke to one of them, then the other found out after and went spastic....
  4. there's only one person living next door, a rather sour looking lesbian biker type (no i wouldn't even dream of nailing it!!! and neither would you)

    she's usually ok to get along with, but for some reason she's got it into her head that the bit of wall i pulled down is an original feature and is in keeping with the character of the house (a 2 up 2 down victorian terrace ffs!!!)
  5. She might have the painters in.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    In this instance, unless the the verbal contract was witnessed by someone independent, you don't have a leg to stand on. In a court of law, the dyke simply deny it ever gave permission, and even if it doesn't, it can say it has withdrawn permission (in which case you might be able to argue that the dyke should put the wall back itself).

    I'd kiss its arrse, though I suspect that if it relented, you wouldn't get it in writing.

    Bad luck fellah.

    Edited for 'hairy dyke'
  7. Oh! how right you are......In this situation it would be "Your word against mine" in Court, all he has to say is " lud'..I never said that". You then have to PROVE he did, difficult to say the least!!..

    By the way who's wall is it?..You say it seperates two properties, as with hedges, when looking at your house from the front, the hedge on Your left is yours to do whatever you wish. Find out if that applies to walls
  8. also as an aside, i realise that although technically it's a party wall, there has been iron railings on top of it for good knows how many years which belong to my house, is it possible to claim squatters rights over the wall or some such??

    i know squatters rights isn't usually a particularly nice subject to talk about, but i'm still so peed off with the way she spoke to me last night i'm willing to try anything to stitch her up at this point!!! (i'm still amazed that i didn't bury a shovel in her head last night!!)
  9. You have absoulutely no right to speak on my behalf - I never voted for you - Or Gordo for that matter. :D

    I hope you find an easy way out mate as this sound fcuking tricky to me - and the lawyers will all go on holiday at your expense.
  10. Dyke+wall = ha-ha. Much better feature.

  11. sorry rickshaw, if i'm ever on speaking terms with her again i'll get her to pm you, you'll regret it though :evil:

    on the legal front, i'd much rather drag this out in court for years and at upmost expense, than give in to her the fcuking b1tch!!
  12. there were 3 people who witnessed it, me, the guy who's doing the double glazing and my mrs. does the glazing guy count as independent??
  13. according to the paperwork i have, although it's dated to 1936 all walls are "party walls" , unless some legislation has come through that superseeds this! that's why we spoke to her before we did it!
  14. Just build your new porch, ensuring it is definately on your property and tell the furry cup munching tart to rebuild the fcuking wall herself and then ignore her. Whats she going to do?
  15. i realise that i should probably have got a surveyor to check first, but it seems to run in line with the central dividing wall of the house, so i assume it's shared!

    like i said though, there are railings on it that continue around the wall on my side, but not on hers (they're the original railings i think) her railings have been cut off (something to do with WWII???) so i'm hoping that this means it's on my side!!