Ver ist der vanker im schwarz?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Private_Pike, Apr 20, 2006.

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  1. Quite right too

    Befehl ist Befehl
  2. JAJA, somit zu den Deutschen!

    I think the Dambusters theme is bleedin' harmless.

    How many Germans can relate the Themetune to the war?????? It's hardly one of the films that is played at prime time german TV time!!!!

    Perhaps doing the NAzi salute is far OTT and will get you jailed but other then that I see no harm in a little rememberance :D

    After all, we didn't start it, did we?????? LOL
  3. Two World Wars and one World Cup oohh ahhh ohhh ahhh!!!!! :twisted:
  4. If you go to the Eder See you can buy plastic models of anything that vaguely looks like a Lancaster, even Barbie with legs stretched and her feet up looks quite realistic. Seen the video of the Dambusters (auf Deutsch) for sale and various casettes where the band of the Plymouth Younger Farmers plays the march. And they're quite proud of their hole or the hole that is now of course patched but nicely Barnes Wallis bouncing bomb shaped.
  5. Ever wonder how those great old cockney songs survive in German? Check this out…..

    Beim Fenster putzen - When I’m cleaning windows

    sagt mein Mann steig in den Laster, los! - My old man said get on the van

    und nicht bummeln unterwegs - and don’t dilly dally on the way!

    O’ my old man’s a dustman - Mein Göttergatte ist Müllmann

    He wears a dustman’s hat - er trägt den Müllmann-Hut

    He wears cor’ blimey trousers - und ‘ne “pfui Teufel” Hose.

    And he lives in a council flat -Trautes Heim Sozialwohnung
  6. Bloody hell! Makes the old Cockney dits come out like the Horst Wessel Liede! So thats the evil my father was always going on about fighting against.
  7. Beautiful!
  8. Oh it's all gone quiet over there! --- Es ist alles ruhig dort drüben
  9. What's what Vorsprung durch Technik does for you!
  10. Germänn ist eßëntiälly Ënglisch mit ein few Tschängen und das käpitäal Lëtteren und Lötten von Dötten.
    --Nik Taylor

    Words of wisdom, obviously not from me.
  11. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Anyone seen Bill Bailey's outstanding tribute to Kraftwerk entitled " Ja - Das Hokey-Cokey " ?

    ( " Kneen Gebogen, Armen Gestrecht, rah, rah, rah ! ") :lol:

    Wish I could find a link - it's classic!

    On "NMT Buzzcocks" the other night,

    Rick Wakeman related his tale of travelling to Germany in the 70's...he alleged all five members of the band donned WWII flying helmets for the duration of the journey and hummed 'Theme from the Dam-Busters" all the way over....then goosestepped off the plane all the way to the Customs shed...where they spent the next three hours in a small side room.....German Customs officers have even less sense of humour than British or US counterparts :lol:

    ( Shouldn't it be "Wie es der Wänker Im Schwarz ? )
  12. Quote:
    Shouldn't it be "Wie es der Wänker Im Schwarz ?

    You're right, but I believe that as an Englishman it is my duty to speak French like a cross between Peter Sellars and Del Boy, and to bastardize German at every opportunity.( Plus it's been 20 years since I learn't German, and have only used "Ein glas bier ,bitte" since. :oops: )