Ventrilo ?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Sir_Prancealot, Jan 5, 2008.

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  1. Any tips or idiot guides on how to get this set up for use in BF2 or CoD4 ? Bought headset but haven't got a scooby on how to get it set up :?
    many thanks
    s p
  2. Do you have a server to connect to?
  3. Hello Sir_Prancealot,

    I think you need access to a ventrillo server,you can rent one for a few pounds a month I think.
    Then you put the details your server provider gives you into ventrillo during the set up process.
    It is easy when you have done it one,I think there are instructions on there website.

  4. Thanks i'll give it a try
  5. Nope was wanting to connect to the TSG BF2 server.
  6. Open Vent and click on the arrow to the left of 'User Name'. A box will pop up and you can create a user name by clicking new and filling out the boxes. Just a name would suffice but you can also put it in the 'phonetic' box and click play to hear what it sounds like, this is handy so people can hear who's connected.

    Next click the arrow on the right of the server box and a new pane will appear. Again click new and enter the following details:

    Name: Whatever you want.

    Hostname or IP:

    Port: 11484

    You should be able to connect then with these basic settings.

    The settings menu's will allow you to choose things such as voice activation or push to talk key etc.

    Hope this helps.
  7. Whos server is that?

    They gheyest thing about ventrillo is that you have to have the exact same verison as the server or it wont work, for example if you have the latest version but your server has an older one it wont connect. This happens to me all the time, my WoW guild has the latest server version but my DoD clan has a really old version.
  8. Hate to not sound productive , but vent is mince , try teamspeak (unless of course your trying to join a commiunity that uses vent)

    /useless post
  9. I 'think' that he thinks that he can somehow connect to the server that he is playing on, this is impossible unless they have a public ventrillo server.

    Most vent servers are used by clans, guilds etc for voice chat in game, so they pay for a server. You could prolly host one yourself but on a UK ISP with out **** upload speeds you will suffer big time.

    Basically if you want your own server you will need to find a company that specialise in comms/gaming servers or get your own server (basically a remote box running windows or linux with a very fast connection) and then remote into it and install vent server and configure it (dont ask me how to configure vent server btw, not a clue).

    Its all about the upload speed, UK ISPs lick balls when it comes to up speed cos you have shit copper wire and they dont need to advertise the up speeds cos no one uses it, hence the need for a remote server or box, torrent uploaders and some heavy users purchase these servers too, not really specific to anything to check the bandwith usage beforehand.
  10. I have owned both TS and Vent servers. Vent is much better, and gets hacked much less than TS servers do.
  11. Fair dos Boss , ive used vent occasionally , but not often, TS does get alot of spam attacks ( join scripts etc. ) but tbh ive not used vent for long enough to see any attacks on vent servers - so you may well know more than me . Ive used TS for years and Im a server admin so i suppose its really a case of sticking to what you know :)
  12. Was hoping it would work along the lines of the xbox live where you just plug in your headset & away you go , seems it's a tad more complicated prob better for me to stay silent & not be able to hear the slagging off for being crap at the game :wink:
  13. That'll be the TSG server he asked for!!!!!
  14. Well, I think TS is easier to use, but Vent certainly has a better sound quality. Evidently, sir prancealot isn't a total computer whizz, so perhaps TS is better =P