Venison and rice surprise!

Got back from the pub to find that there's practically nothing in to eat. We have some rice, lots of venison (a sirloin on the bone) no onion, no carrot, hardly any potatoes. Did find some celery, garlic and Olive oil. Usual condiments available.

I reckon:

Boil the rice.

Cut some 1/2" square venison strips.
Fry the garlic, venison and chopped celery in the olive oil. When it's cooked off a little, add some Encona chilli sauce and reduce slightly.

serve the meat on a bed of rice.

Any better ideas?

I'lllet you know how it turns out.
Progress is being made.

Remebered we had some flour. (I was thinking about mustard at the time).

Mixed up some flour with lots of mustard powder, pasilla chillies and ground black pepper. Coated venison strips in the same and seared off in olive oil. Then added chopped celery and sliced garlic (i.e big bits)

Chucked some encona over it. It's now turned down and simmering...

Victorian_Major said:
get some bacon in there somehow - venison can dry out with some recipes
None in the house. I suppose a little lard into the olive oil might do it. Possibly too late now.
Turned out OK.

A little more care and attention in trimming the meat would have been rewarded but the general effect was good.

It wasn't dry at all.

It was blindingly hot but hey! I need an endorphin rush after a few beers!
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