The answer may be somewhere in a really thick book, but thought i would try Arsse first.

If you still had the option to PVR prior to your 22 year point, what happens after you have excepted Veng, If into your 23rd-24th year, can you still PVR. or do you just move onto Open.

TIA Gorbalds
If you give notice before you enter your 24th (final) year of service you will be discharged 12 mths after the date you gave notice.

You cannot sign off within your final year as you are going anyway at your 24 year point and cannot give 12 mths notice as you are getting out in less than 12 mths anyway. However if you get a firm offer of employment you can seek permission to leave up to 3 mths early, but only if you can prove that the employer won't wait until you are officially out. I think you can start work officially when you are on your 28 days terminal leave and get two salaries for a month.

If you are on VEng this is all listed in the briefing notes you were supposed to read before you signed up for VEng

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