Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by rswo, Feb 29, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone answer this question.

    Done 20 year and thinking hard about VENG.

    If I sign onto VEng and the decide at my 21year and 6 month point that I want out can I terminate and get out after 12 months?

    Would I still get my full pension as I have gone over the 22 year point?

    or if I was at my 22 and half year point put in my PVR would I still be Ok?

    or does VENG mean pension trap again!


  2. My bold:

    It all depends on what Corps you're in, who's sat at your MCM desk and what rules they're following this week.

    When I, at my 21 year and 8 month point, gave what I thought was "12 months' notice", it turned out to be only 7 months notice. I was given a mythical ROD that someone in Glasgow had picked out of thin air, which I only found out by accident on a Posting, sorry, Assignment Order a month before said ROD. Had to fill in a 6848 to "extend" my service to take it up to the full 12 months' notice. :roll:

    Pension due in 7 weeks, fingers crossed; here's hoping, eh!

    Good luck!

    Edit: Just noticed the same post at the REME table. Not REME myself, but I do seem to recall boring the tits off The_IRON about it! :D