Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by hairybeermonster, Jan 4, 2008.

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  1. Please Help
    I am a Cpl in the RLC and just have been offered VENG, still have 15 1/2 years to go. Is it worth me taking this up or sacking and sticking as i am?
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  3. It would mean you have the option to stay until you have completed 24 years but could be offered further extensions. Does not effect your entitlement to leave at the 22 year point if you find you have had enough at that stage. I would think that if you are planning on doing the 22 you would be as well to have the option of another couple of years.
  4. ive heard it might affect my promotion though
  5. Finally.

    Someone in the RLC has ben offered it. Not a peep in my direction....................Someone telling me something?
  6. I can't speak for the RLC but I can't work out how it would effect your promotion. The only thing it would do is enhance your chances of getting promoted as you would be serving for longer. In the fullness of time all those entering service now on the VENG engagement will find that promotion takes a bit longer but they get to serve for longer. It will take some years before that starts to kick in though.
  7. Sounds about right people still got 15 1/2 years left find out theyve got it and thse with just over 2 years still in the lurch until next months board (REME)

    I was round at a mates house the other day (WO1 ASM) who didnt get offered it, like quite a few others with less than two years left but are cracking blokes and workaholics. Another one I know of who isnt overly bothered and a bit work shy got offered it but always on the phone to MCM. It sounds like its a massive lottery and in a lot of cases who you know. :x

    My chuff chart is started, just incase I get offered I can add a page or two :wink:
  8. ive heard on the grape vine that if you take VENG mcm will not promote you as fast as some1 that isnt on it. but also if you dont take it later on in your last couple of years there is a chance that they will re-offer it.
  9. I can't comment on that but it does seem odd.
  10. Not heard that at all, in fact I get the feeling rather the opposite might apply. Promotion across the board will slow down whether you take up the offer of VEng or not.

    Can't speak for the RLC though.

  11. just dont know what to with it, like the pension change thing the army doesnt do any big changes to benifit the soldier?
  12. personally i think if you are in your last 3-5 years, you would be daft NOT to accept it as you can still leave at 22 without any effect to the pension.

    Would be nice to be offered it thats all.

    RLC MCM did say it was due to the size of the corps etc however D INF managed it OK it seems.
  13. Some of our WO2's just got stiffed by accepting Veng, because it is still classified as extension of service until Apr 08, they were removed from the WO1 board even though they were initially accepted for shite is that. Also our Manning and records are using the extra 2 yrs in their favour regarding time to promote, they are now slowing down the guys who have accepted!
  14. thats what id heard, stuck as what to do with so long to go if i stay the full time
  15. Just like to add to this:-

    "In particular a soldier who applies for early release before completeing 24 years service will lose their immediate pension rights."