How many individuals have been briefed on the VEng? Did you know that the Engrs were told to sign the inital VEng by 01 Oct 07 with no brief? It is now become apparent that if you did not sign by 01 Oct 07, you are no longer put on the promotion board, which contravenes the Blue Book.

However, the Blue Book is no longer in date, apparently.

Do we just want to throw experience in the bin? Has the Army contravened HRA in employment?
The only people in the Engrs who had to sign before 01 Oct 07 were the 530 people in the Corps who had served 20 years or more (immaterial of rank). Yes, they did not have any official briefing but were given a document that laid down the terms of the Veng.

All ranks will start to get briefings before deciding their options on Veng - starting with the WO's by the end of Nov, SSgts later on, then Sgts after Xmas etc.

Everybody should have been briefed and declared their option with Veng by Oct 2008.
My unit (R Signals) apparently getting briefed this month - when the unit is on ex.

Clever that!

Received info today that everyone in Engrs who were on 'tranche 1' OTT (those who have already served more than 20 years by 01 Jan 08) will be given the offer to transfer again due to the fact that they were not given all the facts at the time - info such as if you sign up for VEng then every rank from LCpl to SSgt you will do a minimum of 3 years before being boarded for the next rank (currently its 2 years)......looks like they have gone off half cocked with all this VEng policy.

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