Discussion in 'REME' started by biker7921, Feb 23, 2010.

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  1. does anybody know when the next VEng board results are out? (board 5) it's this month sometime but would like to know if i have to start making plans for my future now or can i wait a bit longer?
  2. march 4th i think, dates are on the ms web
  3. VENGS Out boys and girls - i'm a bitter and twisted Artificer !!!!!!

    1. Initiate automatic VEng(FC) boards by leaving date.

    2. Flap like a budgie when too many accept their offer.

    3. Change the promotion criterion to rectify Serial 2.

    4. Change VEng application procedure (place onus on the individual) and hope that less people apply.

    5. Flap like a budgie because Serial 4 didn’t work.

    6. Offer VEng (in reduced numbers at SNCO level) to avoid a repeat of Serials 2 & 3.

    7. Wait for recession to end.

    8. Flap like a budgie because recruiting has collapsed and Corps is undermanned (again).

    9. Initiate automatic VEng(LC) boards by leaving date to rectify Serial 8.

    10. * Repeat process starting at Serial 2.

    * Reinvent wheel as necessary
  5. Quality :lol: , but unfortunately for us, so very f**king true :cry:
  6. What a coincidence that the AQ who runs the VEng cell should get VEng.................. ;-)
  7. Folks,

    Mostly rubbish from roman numeral man methinks but ARSSE is all about cynicism and whinging innit.

    The Corps controls how many are offered VEng by rank and trade so the theory that too many have accepted it is perhap a bit off the mark.

    Whilst I personally believe you should not have to apply to go before the board the rationale is for the unit chain of command to give an up to date comment on employability and deployability on the application, rather than trust what is or not recorded on JPA, in past ARs or on an individuals P/File at the APC.

    The decision re change in promotion rules is another matter. Badly staffed and poorly communicated, even though it just about returns us to the rules we had a few years earlier (many forget that!) and allows tiffies to get that bit more necessary experience so as to be better WOs. These more experienced WOs will then hopefully look after and mentor the troops a wee bit better. Some just worry about themselves.

    Tin hat on.................
  8. ...and that her ex husband didnt.
  9. You clearly don't understand how boards work. Field Force officers man the board as with all other boards and she will have been graded on reports written before she got to Glasgow. She is by far one of the better AQs in the Corps - well done her

    Time to grow up and get a life.

    Ooops - I bit.
  10. ........hey, that was my best effort at comedy :p
  11. Exactly - I took that in the spirit it was intended. Very funny Mr 1988-2011 :p
  12. yes you did, choooob. :p

    Oh and I do know how boards work, my comment was blatantly tongue in cheek.
    It goes without saying she must be one of the better AQ's, as she came off the last WO1 board.
  13. Mmmm, interesting thought that, from what I hear she is also one of the lucky ones, not only to get VEng on top of her WO1, but that she didn't come off her first WO2 board in Feb 07, or the reserve list, but still managed to pick up her Q in the golden promotion year (Apr07-Mar08) that gave a green light to the last WO1 board before the ladder got hauled up with the promotion rules changes for the rest. Got the the RSW job regardless.

    So, how does one magically get a WO2 appointment without being selected by the Field Force Officers on the board ?

    Can anyone else concur / elaborate ?
  14. Not sure tongue in cheek comments for entertainment value are that appropriate when talking about a named person who does not merit such cynicism. You are implying stuff which is somewhat derogatory. :(
  15. Don't believe your insider info is correct. She will have gone to a board and been selected. The harmonisation of the soldier year workarounds that REME MCM Div applied a few years ago to ensure no individual was disadvantaged by the Army enforced change of the promotion year is proabably the key. Its quite a complex workaround. Call her up and ask :D