Hi does anyone know an answer to this one, if you accept the two extra years veng so end up doing 24 years but decide at the 21 year point that you want to get out at your 22 years and give your years notice, will you be liable to reserve service for those extra 2 years that you haven't served? or can you just leave as normal with full pension and no reserve liability??
Thanks in advance Dawn
Transfer to VEng is a contract change, so I believe reserve service rules apply. You get your full 22 year pension, but are still liable for recall during those 2 years.

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Soon to be relevant to me too so I'm interested in the answer.

Also concerned that resettlement is affected as you effectively leaving 2yrs early not finishing your engagement.

All a bit different from the "nothing to lose" spiel they used to sell it to me, well that and the thinly disguised "good luck with promotion if you dont sign here"! Cnuts
The only effect on resettlement is that you only have 12 months to fit it in! The entitlements are unchanged whether you complete service or sign-off early. IIRC the milestone qualifying points are 5, 8 & 15 years service.
VEng doesn't affect pension dates.... you are still liable to receive (onleaving) your immediate pension if you sign off at teh 21 year point or just let the 24 years run their course.
Thanks for that guys. It was the reserve thing that we are not sure of if you take veng and then get out as normal at the 22 year point or just a few months after. Applying for the oz army and veng is good to have in case of not being accepted but not sure if they will take you with a reserve service thats all.
offered it fill in the form and send back, not sure if all cap badges are doing it, initially it is 2 years and then two further blocks of 6 years if you want them.
spaz said:
skintboymike said:
Do we wait to be offered it or is there a link on JPA to apply?
I was offered it.
So was I, but after being offered anthrax jabs and a wonderful chance to change my pension in the past, I turned it down.
Looking at it now though it doesn't seem to have any disadvantages (unless you sign off at your 21 year point and need to fit all the resettlement in).
VEng, this was rolled out two+ years ago, different cap badges took differnet approaches, the Royal Engineers all got offered, this was due to guys with trades being offered good deals by companies in 1 civ div, especially if they went back to Afghan to work with contractors out there.

Therefore, the MOD wsnt to keep in all those they think are in pinch trades, Royal Signals got the offer but only those with over 12 years service and had to be SNCO or higher, not sure on other, corps except the AGC which for some reason has not given the offer to all, but only a select few, that according to guys i work with.

hope this helps, for more advice speak to your chief clerk, they should tell you weather you would qualify and/or weather your in a pinch trade the Army's short of. (Its cheaper to keep an old sweat, than train a new sprog.) :( :( :(
THe RLC seem to offer it to every trade at every rank.
Just remembered this info:

There are now short, full and long careers. You join up for your min 5 years now, once you pass your inital trade and then get promotion chance are you will be offerd service up to 12 years,(Short Career), further promotion and other trade quals will get you the offer of a full career that now 24 years, beyond this, you will get offers to renew your contract every 6 years, up to 55,(Long career)(however, if you join,at 18 and take full career + 3x6 years that only takes you up to age 54?!!!) I reckon some time in the future the rules will change again and those desk bound old crusties will get another 6 yeras to serve up to 60, not that I'm saying that the army change the rules for their benefit, but i've only been doing this now since the first options for change came in during the early 90's.

Remember, the offers are at the Armies discretion, every thing is geared for them, they can make you an offer or your time is up and its off to 1 civ div. In this present climate more people are joining, so its good news for the MOD, and they can pick and choose who they keep. when the economy picks up, less people join, its better for those in at those times.

Hope this helps Mick AKA Dawns Hubby RE.

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