Anyone got a link to the VENG board results?

Not for me I might add, just someone in the office.


I was offered my VEng Full Career in Nov08.The results were out pretty sharpish after the board.As far as I know it is an individual yes or no from your Unit RCMO or OC.
I'm now waiting to see if I get offered Long Career,as according to all the briefs (Not one given!) and literature,the offer of Long Career should be made 2 years (If possible) before discharge but no later than 1 year (If possible).
Has anyone heard of anybody being offered the Long Career Option yet?.


The last VEng board sat early this month and the results have been sent to COs via the standard MS focal point system. The letter dated 24 Feb 09 was sent by email to MS focal points. At Annexes A, B and C you will find lists of soldiers who have served greater than 15 years reckonable service as at 1 Jan 08, are class 1 at trade and have a 22 year of service point between 1 Apr 11 and 31 Mar 12 who have been considered by a Board for suitability for VEng (FC).

Unlike promotion boards there is no embargo date, so there is no set release date when everyone finds out.


Quote from MCM

The results will be released in the last week of Feb to the CoC and made public by the 27 Feb. We will also publish them on MS Web but unfortunately due to the restricted nature of the document we cannot place a copy onto Armynet.

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