veng what have i done?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by big_mac4824, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. I have just signed up for the new veng, to hear that this could effect my promotion as i could be over looked as i have an extra 2 yrs!
    also does any one know if the extra time done is linked to your pension? obviously none of this info was made available befor the deadline to sign
    I feel i will be shafted as the mod does nothing to favour us just themselves.
  2. Big Mac ... fear not as promotion is not effected and it couonts towards pension
  3. Does it not also work the other way? Engage for Veng, and change your mind at the 23 year point lets say.

    Is it true that you are considered not to have completed your terms of service and therefore get the delayed pension rather than the immediate?
  4. Why on earth did you sign up without reading the terms and conditions?

  5. Heed in a word no at least for those on AFPS 75 and 05.

  6. Its not that good for your pension.
  7. Only a grand a year on my projected pension!

  8. And -£20,000 on the two extra years you are doing.
  9. AIW it's not minus 20K if I am being paid 36K a year for the extra 2 years!

    Or to put it another way I need to live to age 62 to start to make a profit?

  10. But you can get out and get another job for £36k AND get your pension.......they are effectively paying you £26k for doing a job you were doing last week for £36k.
  11. Fair point and I hate to admit this but I actually like my job - at the mo.

  12. I asked the same question an a MCM Div roadshow and the Col said that promotion, at least in our Corps WILL slow down by a year or so to reflect the additional time served.
  13. Depends on how many people are going to be given the Long Career. In R Signals they reckon 3% so that won't really hold up promotion. In the AGC (SPS), although not on the V Eng, it has slowed dramatically. The reason being that when WO1s are given a further 6 years this slows down promotion for every individual below that rank down to Pte for 6 years or until said WO1 signs off early.

    So in summary depends on your Corps/Regiment and how many the think will be given the Long Career.

  14. I suppose its the same as people who put their c0cks in cheese graters - seemed a good idea at the time.
  15. The reason why I signed without terms and conditions, was because there were none available and my rcmo is a medic and I am rlc.
    my thinking was an extra 2 yrs with extra cracks at the board, and two more years on currently 32k, hopefully it will be more!

    does it mean my pension will be different from my 22yr old style one, to doing 24 yrs, I dont think I will do any extra years if the pension turns out to be pants, finding a job at 48 will be difficult I think in civvi street, so I think I will turn down the extra 6 yrs if offered as I will leave at 48, currently I will leave at 42, still young!.......ish