VEng Transitional Plan - Have you been told yet?

Discussion in 'REME' started by P3HO, Nov 6, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering....I was waiting around to hear about the VEng bits & bobs and to see if an offer was coming but there was just silence. Only by chance did I look at the REME website and find out that the list is already in the general population. Has anyone been formally told of this yet? Has anyone been told they are below the QUALITY line? Has anyone been sensitively councilled?

    Curious...coz I have been told jack sh*t.....
  2. The MS Web detail mirrors what had been sent out to unit COs about 3 weeks ago. However there are 2 further annexes which it was apparently not felt appropriate to put on worldwide distribution - to protect the feelings of the unsuccessful candidates.

    Annex B is the list of those who are reserves who may be offered VENG FC if those orginally offered it (listed on Annex A published on MS Web) turn down the offer.

    Annex C is the list of those who either:

    graded below the quality line re their reported performance or there was concern about future emploability due to say welfare issues or significant downgrading


    HQ DEME(A) specified that no-one in their rank and trade were to get the offer

    Only those with a 22 year point between 1 Oct 08 and 31 Mar 09 were boarded. Those with a 22 year point between 1 Apr 09 and 31 Mar 10 will be boarded at the end of this month.

    Looks like you should chase up your CO to find out if you are on Annex B or indeed Annex C

    Hope this has helped
  3. Okimato if for instance i was on the February VENG board and got accepted i take it Im still able to get selected for promotion on the March promotion board. If so how are they managing the amount of SNCO's in the promotion brackets or will there be even less being picked up on the boards(eg only 14 VM's got Staffies last year an 10 the year before).
    Basically where are the extra places coming from if more are staying in :?
  4. Cheers "okimato"

    Sad to say but all that info you wrote is completely breaking news to me so either I am out of the loop or my bosses have their heads up their hoops....

    Cheers for the update though.
  5. Basically there are no extra places just soldiers staying in longer.

    If say you are a Sgt VM and get offered and accept 24 year career in Feb 08 you will still go to the staffy board in Mar and have an extra 2 looks later on as you remain promotable on VEng unlike continuance. Furthermore the 45 degree line advantages you for each extra year of service you serve

    However, the reason why the Corps are being selective and only offering it to a few who are in the higher ranks with lots of service in, is if it was offered to all at the higher ranks promotion would grind to a halt. Therefore I expect precious few artisan SSgts and very few Sgts to be offered transfer.

    Bottom line - you will have more chances at a board but there will be more competition and less vacancies at the higher rank. However you would get more of a pension for serving 24 years even if not promoted

    I hope this helps
  6. I would not think of doing another 2 just for the pension. I have looked at the pension calculator and the lump sum stays the same (obviously) and you get about an extra £300 per year pension......So in theory you are losing money really.

    300x15 = 4500 - If you do 24
    9000x2 = 18000 - If you do 22

    Your pension will advance over the 2 years due to inflation rises but that will be negligible.
    Your pension will not rise over the 15 years till your 55.

    All the above is presuming you leave at 40, if you leave later it is even worse.

    I am not 100% on the above, just the way I worked it out......

    Anyone got a better/more informed idea?
  7. Not one more day am i doing mate, not one more day.
    Well after i have given the 14 back i owe you.
  8. Ex REME i think you are right mate, even with my fingers and toes. Guys don't do it for the pension, but if it suits in other areas give it a go
  9. I have seen all 3 (Those offered, those on reserve and those not accepted)lists. I wasn't selected though I am on list 2 (reserve). We won't be 'officially' told until all those on list one have either accepted or declined-30 Nov 07.

    Personally I believe that they are getting a lot of experience on the cheap. I mean if you extend then they pay you say £40,000 a year whilst not paying you £12,000 a year pension. In effect they are geting someone of the same rank for £28,000!!! I know this is a crude way of looking at it but the figures are there.
  10. Cheers for the info, Okimato. Im a bit out of the loop for V eng, but looking at this i think i have a few years to wait.
  11. get one chance to sign up or refuse best bet is to sign up as can still get out at 22 with same benefits if wish but keeps options open
  12. Thanks for the info Okimato.
    Ex-REME and Tin-bath i think your spot on with what you've worked out and in some respect its going to be a big decision of do you plod on past 40 hoping for a promotion(higher pension) if the jump is high enough but limit your job choice in civvy street with the older you get. Suppose a lot will depend on he board in February then March for me. Cheers lads.
  13. Good valid thread,probably worth a poll. i will hopefully have a little clarity on this by next wed + this might raise itself at the BEMEs Conf.i will endevour to keep all posted, i will only really understand it if it is written in font 4.
  14. Tin bath, as you have seen the first of the lists and without breaking persec, can you tell us what trade groups and rank range where on the lists for those offered, reserve and not suitable. The only info we have been giving has been the time qualification criteria and that is it. Nothing about trades or ranks has been mentioned.

    Many thanks
  15. Still not heard f*ck all.

    Cheers REME :(